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how to: use rear stand?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by abvc, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. help. i'm having problem using rear stand when bike is tilting on the left stand.

    i tried to put couple of base under the left stand to make the bike stand abit more, however it caused the bike to fall to the right when i tried to apply the stand... i quickly catch it.

    can someone give directions?
  2. Balance the bike upright (not on the side stand) holding onto the ducktail.
  3. I place a block of wood under the side stand so it's "almost" upright.
    THEN, place the paddock stand on the swingarm ( It won't touch one side yet ). Grab the ducktail/rail ( as Devo stated ), to bring the bike upright whilst you apply pressure on the paddock stand to help stabilize the bike. Then raise your baby ! :wink:
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    i was trying that method. i got this utube video and able to hold and set up the rear stand, now i can't (hesitant) to put full power to lift it up.

  5. Just do it. :roll:
  6. I stand on the right side of the bike, with the sidestand on the left side of the bike.

    One hand on the arse of the bike, holding/pulling it upright.

    The other hand pushing down on the stand, making sure the stand is inline with the spools. When you have enough pressure on the stand, you no longer need your other hand to hold the bike upright as the bike is supported by the stand/spools. At which point put both hands on the stand and push it all the way down.

    If you struggle, just lower the bike down and push it onto the right side (where the sidestand sits).
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    TRy standing directly behind it. Not beside it
  8. alright, when i pushed it drag the bike backward.. when power is applied, does it go straight down or lean to the outside projecting the supposed movement?
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    thanks! best tip ever! :wink: