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How to turn Right

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Smokae, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. When turning right, be sure to sit on the right most part of the lane, do not sit in the middle. Silly of me not to do so, as 1, then a 2nd, then a 3rd, tradie in a truck/van overtook me on my right with oncoming traffic whilst I was waiting to turn right into a driveway.

    You'd have to be complete asshole to do this, but it was partially my fault for setting up a situation to allow them to do so in any case.
  2. a flashing right indicator means "please overtake me on the right"?
  3. I get where you are coming from with this...

    However, I was driving a large 4WD one time, I was in the right hand lane, turning right.. and some F'witt (in a car) decides to turn right before I do (from behind)...

    Point being... Impatient f'witts are on the roads!!.....
  4. It can be quite a handy manouver that one!
  5. A vehicle turning right must not be overtaken on its right in NSW.

    You can only overtake on it's left and only if it is safe to do so.
  6. I've done this before to an old fella in a busted old 2 tonne truck while in a car. The truck was literally waiting for there to be no traffic in sight before he would pull out. We sat there for 2-3 minutes and saw plenty of generous gaps big enough for the truck to get through easily. Eventually we just pulled up on his left where we could see both ways, took the first gap out and turned right, as did several other cars backed up behind him.
    If the car could overtake you AND get through the turn off with no problems, then it sounds like you could have done the same easily but, for lack of a better word, were being a pussy. Slow ass 4wd's frustrate me because of things like this. This is assuming you were sitting there for a while though. If you'd only just pulled up then I agree that it was fwittism on the car drivers behalf.

    @OP you're right, that was stupid on their behalf, but you shouldn't have been in the middle of the lane. Good to see people acknowledging that while the other drives did the wrong thing your actions contributed.
  7. Another one to watch for is merging lanes, example, turn left at any time and you turn... and wait for a gap with your right indicator on. Then some asshat behind you decides to dive into the first gap. I usually go anyway and get the horn, abused, all the rest of it... BUT THEY CAN WAIT THEIR FARKING TURN!!!
  8. ..I ain't no slow ass nothing!!.... :wink: .. The driver undertook the dodgy manouver on a VERY busy Concord Road. I had just started to turn right, when the car undercut me... complete fwitt!!
  9. Ahh k overtaking while you were going around the corner is pretty ****ed, I have NFI what/where Concord road is though or what it's like :p
  10. "Under turning" happens every day in Melbourne with the hook turns. Usually by taxi's it seems.
  11. I was turning right into a drive way. They were going straight ahead.

    There was oncoming traffic and there only reason they were able to do it was because I didn't move to the far right of my lane to block them from doing so...if I was in my car they would have on the left.
  12. Stopping where there is no intersection (i.e. not a controlled intersection) in the middle of a road to turn right across oncoming traffic isn't very safe. I personally try as much as possible to avoid that situation on a bike. The best is to go around the block or choose a route that puts you on the other side of the road where you don't have to turn across traffic.

    Also, positioning yourself on the extreme edge of a lane invites cars and other traffic to share your lane putting you in danger. Like I said, as a vulnerable road user you need to think beyond what is 'right' and 'legal' and make sure to reduce your risk and expose on the road at all times...
  13. I live three house up from a major intersection (three lanes eachway) and get abused all the time when trying to get in my driveway and even more so when in the car because I always reverse in and fwits are always in a hurry to get past me to stop at the red light
  14. as a new rider i'm still coming to terms with where I am safest to stand whilst waiting to turn right. If I am too far right I notice that cars dont even bother to change lanes and will just zip past me sharing the lane (it also probably doesn't allow enough of a buffer from oncoming traffic), and i'm forever worrying about my feet getting run over - now I try to occupy just right of centre.

    It doesn't stop them from still cutting the lane when overtaking but at least they have to ensure the lane next to them is clear, and there seems to be less of a squeeze. I've certainly never had anyone overtake me on the right(!) whilst i'm indicating I want to turn right.
  15. I sit dead centre and keep one eye out for my break and one in the rearview. Any time i've sat to the side i've had some prick taxi do a halfassed overtake and almost run my feet over.