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How to turn a Harley

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Riderman, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. .....
  3. ................?
  4. Let me fix this for him

  5. haha - oh man i lol'd hard at that :D
  6. pics don't work for me?

    EDIT: LOL! geeth, love it :D
  7. oh sorry guys, i dont know what happened!

    I'll try again hold on..Refresh
  8. OK... worth the wait :) thank you... sore arms anyone?
  9. Ha. Nice one Brett.

    Also, he's probably more concerned with his $300 HD t-shirt
  10. Those are an old series of pics. Always good to see.
    Th story for those playing at home is that his floorboard got caught on the road and lifted a tyre off the road.

  11. lucky for his protective singlet ](*,)
  12. I looked only at the first pic and before realising there was more, found myself thinking thats gotta be right before he goes down.
  13. hahahaha woah!

    wicked picks, lucky person whoever took them who gets the credit :p

    i'm surprised he took his hand off the bars, i thought he'd be too scared? 8-[
  14. in the second pic his front wheel doesn't appear to be turning (see the tread).. I wonder if the "boards" lifted his front wheel as apposed to the rear.. as it looks like the front is starting to "tuck" as well..
  15. Love the progression from pic 1 to 2 of pointing to the camera then packing it into his pants.

    Nice spotting on the front wheel, I reckon this is how it goes. In the process of looking at camera and pointing, something goes nasty, hits a bump or something. Freaks out and nabs front. front either locks immediately on the road, or grabbing the front causes it to pull onto the boards and down she goes.
  16. Front wheel has stopped because he's shit himself & put the front brakes on :LOL:
  17. ROFLMAO....

    ...the yanks must be quite alot more advanced in singlet design, than we backward Australians.
    Also...notice the advanced design of the helmet. You forgot that.

    I don't get why he fell off....the bike is still fairly upright!...Did he just jump for it I presume?
    ****wit rider...
  18. If he had leant into the turn there might have been a beez dick of a chance to avoid the boards scraping.

    Oh well.

  19. no way the good old Aussie Jackie Howe is the toughest singlet in the world