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How to treat people who kill riders?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. from [...]

    "If only the rest of the world would pay attention to Thailand. Last year a truck driver, drunk, crashed into a motorcycle rider killing him on the spot. The truck driver fled, and on his way, killed two more motorcyclists !!

    He was finally arrested, and has been brought to court. He received the DEATH SENTENCE ! That should wake up many of these people who drive cars and trucks, and never pay any attention to us motorbikers !

    Thailand apparently have one of the highest road mortality in the world. Last year, Thailand recorded over 14,000 deaths !! So now wonder the courts are getting strict.

    Would you want to see drunk drivers who kill riders get the death penalty ?? "

    Click here to read the whole story.
  2. I would like to see drunk drivers who kill ANYBODY dealt with equitably, based on the facts of the case, not on whether or not they are motorcyclists, or left-handed plumbers......
  3. crazzzzzy bastards, they have a religious festival (can't rememember what time of year) where they throw waterbombs at each other, trouble is bikes are fair game and every year a large number of riders are killed as a result :-s
  4. Since I dont believe in the death penalty under any circumstances, clearly no. And why should people who hit motorcyclists be treated different from people who hit anyone else?
  5. Same as anybody else who kills someone - eye for an eye...............
  6. yeah, I agree, but lets be honest, those left-handed plumbers are a pretty dodgy bunch .......
  7. I've riden a Scooter in Thailand - very interesting to say the least..... :?
    No road rules to speak of. No problem fitting 3-4 people on 1 bike. You're allowed to overtake someone overtaking (well, everyone did it anyhow) etc, etc.
    And then's there the elephants :p Didn't realise their heads were so prickly....
  8. This is ridiculous

    It's about time we stopped looking at this issue from the point of view that someone who kills a motorcyclists has somehow committed a worse crime than if they had killed anyone else.

    We are NOT a special breed who need special extra laws to protect us. We have CHOSEN to ride a device which, by its nature leaves us more exposed to danger than others. Why should we be entitled to special treatment if that exposure leads to death or injury that would not have occurred if we were not riding a bike?

    ANYONE who kills ANYONE for WHATEVER reason should be dealt with by the law in exactly the same way, and this is determined by the laws of the land in which the offence takes place.

    We are not entitled to special, more extreme punishments for people who kill motorcyclists.
  9. except if they are a left-handed plumber
  10. Oh dear I hate to admit this but I have to agree with RC on this one.

    Must be the spring sunshine or something or other.
  11. Have you seen the roads in Thailand?

    4-5 people on a bike (or in the most part scooter). Everyone squidding. Everyone riding 2-3 abreast in lanes, overtaking left right and centre.

  12. i like the asian legal system! :)
  13. Exactly!
  14. WHOOHOOOO!!!

    (don't worry, I won't let it go to my head)
  15. It just makes me sick to be agreeing but ok i'll tag along too. :p :wink:
  16. Just don't try and catch me looking at the VFR's at the expo.

  17. AAWWWWWWW :oops: :oops: :oops: :cry: :(
  18. i wouldnt want the death sentence however i would support life.
  19. The article suggest that he was sentenced to death for drink driving. That the victims were motorcyclists is unfortunate, but apparently peripheral to the matter. So Some American states would punish 3 counts of vehicular homicide with up to 60 years imprisonment - and there is no need to prove intent to kill or malice aforethought.

    I agree that the case of special pleading put by the author of the comment (who, I point out, isn't Dan) is a nonsense. As for the death penalty - undecided. But I'm a bit light on for sympathy for anyone who kills two people in the course of trying avoid being caught for the first death.
  20. That's OK, you're excused that aggravation...but I will chalk this up as a minor "triumph"

    :p :p :p