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How to transport a Motorcycle in India (Photos Included)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zane Marx, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was recently in inda on a holiday. I was on the train between two cities and came across this at one of the stations I stopped at. They were transporting cargo and some motorbikes. I loved how simple it seemed. Wrap it in hessian, write down the address chuck it on the train and pray for the best.

    It makes such a change from trying to transport stuff over here. Get a truck, get it insured, change rego etc. I love that they're just sitting on the station waiting for someone to pick them up and load them in.




  2. Let's see someone do that with a desmosedici or an MV
  3. Yeah you'd have to use special Italian hessian.
  4. Wait, you gotta drain the tanks first... to the delight of the leeches hanging around :roll:
  5. India has one of the best shipping systems in the world - they make heavy use of their rail and surprisingly very little is damaged or lost.
  6. Takes a few extra bricks in there to drown them ones.
  7. Great first post, mate.
  8. Aww, hit a nerve there rog? Got a nice chuckle... :)
  9. 200 years of contact with the British and they still can't spell :roll:

    I reckon a hessian and pillow company could make a real killing in India :LOL:.
  10. The yanks can't spell either and most were from british stock.
  11. check some of the spelling on this board :)
  12. Have you heard about the saying, 'All that glitters is not gold' ?

    It is not what it looked like. You have to have an insurance before you can book your vehicle (2 wheeler) in the goods department of the railways. Without which, they won't touch your vehicle. Most of the cases, people book their vehicles on the same train they are traveling by.
    You don't write your address in there and just hope for the best. You have to organize to drop the vehicle, pack it, make sure its completely dry, and clear all the paper work to book it with the railways. People usually put in their contact name and number on the list so that they can be easily identified in the railway goods stock yard.
    You have to arrange for a pickup once your vehicle reaches its destination as well.

    You just simply don't wrap it up in jute, you have to wrap it up smartly so that all the fragile parts of your bike are safe. And you guys do realize, there ain't any (stock) fair'ed motorbikes in India.

    And every state of India has different registration/tax/pollution certificate/insurance norms.

    Actually I was quite amazed, by seeing the limited number of people who can actually spell, and have obtained proper higher education in this country (considering the people here have long connections with the British themselves) :roll:
  13. I did have a crazy idea to see if you could just get away with posting an entire bike simply by sticking stamps and the address on the various bits.
  14. Shadowarrior - Good observation, i never noticed that there is no faired bikes in India :LOL: Bajaj pulsar is getting there!
  15. with just a faired head light assembly, hmmm Pulsars definitely are pretty long way off :p
    They do have some semi faired bikes like the Adreno FX and Karizma.
  16. with just a faired head light assembly, hmmm Pulsars definitely are pretty long way off :p
    They do have some semi faired bikes like the Adreno FX and Karizma.
  17. Hey Shadow,

    Farings in india are just a silly idea. They wouldn't last longer than a week.
    you travelled in india much? While I was over there I was riding the Royal Enfield Bullet. What a bike. Its almost unchanged since the 1950's. After spending a month on that thing I didn't want to come back to riding my 4 cylinder.

    Have you seen that they are releasing a new one:


    All I can say is 'BEAUTIFUL' and I want one... so badly.

  18. this is

    How To Transport a Family in India

  19. I just have one question.

    Do they have any semi faired bikes like the Adreno FX and Karizma?