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How to train a generation of zygotes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Rates in the UK are pretty much ramping up same here in Aus. The major concern is that our illustrious elite are expanding ever more their definitions of what constitutes a pathogenic set of disorders. Their response is to treat every child who does not fit the profile of a good little citizen by prescribing a brain rotting agent, to make them enjoy a hazy existence in our dumbed down schools.


    Clegg warns of 'Prozac nation' Britain as pill-taking soars

  2. Oh geez, save it for an actual conspiracy-type thread.

    I personally think that the use of expensive, prescription anti-depressants in the UK is a bloody OUTRAGE and the legal drinking age should be lowered accordingly to offset these terrible figures.
  3. Sorry Ktulu this is a photo of pro-pilot on his weekend gig! :LOL:
  4. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national...for-adhd-report/2008/02/11/1202578649945.html

    different disease but this notion of overprescribing of 'brain-rotting agents" is all very today tonight.
    Amazingly doctors are intelligent and careful with their patients. who would have thunk it...
  5. ADHD is bring substitiuted for vairous other disorders which is really covering the extend of 'treatments' for those disturbed boys and girls.

    Only a sample:

    There is Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)



    Conduct Disorder (CD)

    Maladaptive Behaviour Disorder (MBD)
    Look up the numbers and treatments.

    All of these are treated with the same psychotropic cocktails which nicely melts the neurons.

  6. I'm struggling to come to terms with this, but I have to agree with PP on this one. Doctors are handing out anti-depressants like lollies. Sometimes there's no better cure than regular excersize, healthy diet and some good 'ol fcuking discipline.

    Now, I'm not saying ADHD or depression doesn't exist, or that modern medication isn't a reasonable cure for some of the symptoms. Just that some doctors are quick to issue mind altering drugs without trying some more basic and natural alternatives first.
  7. I think it unfair on doctors to try and claim they care so little about their patients that they randomly hand out drugs. I also think it is populist media that drives the impression that these drugs are so prevalent amongst the non-needy. I'm certain drugs are more prevalent than 'the good old days', but I think that is a poor comparator. I also think it is highly likely that many people who shouldn't be on the drugs are on the drugs, however I highly doubt it is so serious.
  8. Doctors that have graduated in the last 10-15 years are mosltly a product of the sanatised training they have received.
    The big pharma's are the benchmark that drive clinical assessments and practices which the doctors, unquestionly administer to treat illnesses (which are constantly re-defined to fit products that the very same pharma's have produced).

    The list goes on.....
  9. This is sensationalist reporting... The SMH as a source? :roll:

    $1 million dollars a day in "influencing prescribing habits"? That's practically nothing for such a broad statement.

    "Influencing prescribing habits" includes advertisements in all medical journals (they are not allowed to market directly to patients), those free pens, staplers, sticky-notes, medical prescribing software advertisements, pharmaceutical reps that visit practices, etc.

    This is an American article with little relevance to Australian advertising standards with relation to pharmaceutical advertising and/or promotion.
  10. Produce counter evidence. Just saying so don't cut it. :LOL:

    Or are you currently working for a pharma?

    (that should keep the tin foil brigade happy!)
  11. I don't think doctors don't care about their patients, sometimes they are just too busy to give them the full attention they deserve, sometimes they don't have enough training or skills to correctly diagnose the true cause of the problems (instead of treating the symptoms).

    I wish my information was coming from the media, but as depression is common in my friends and family (as well as myself) I have seen up close what can happen.