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How to tell the time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vtr250beginner, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Net Riders,

    After not riding for 15 years, I decided to get a new VTR 250. OMG is all I can say!!

    Only thing thats bugging me....wait for it...., is when I'm all suited up for the fantastic Melbourne weather, I can't tell the time :oops:

    Stupid q, but I find that if I'm really taking a while to get to work, I tend to want to ride faster cause I am not sure if I'm running late or not -> not a good thing.

    I'm thinking of a "stick on digital time display" maybe. Anyone else done this?


  2. Oxford to a digital clock that is water res, and has a temp display aswell.
  3. Very well thanks. Yourself?

    One for you Kishy.
  4. $5 waterproof casio wrapped around a grip?
  5. ride only near schools and trainstations etc..... Keep looking in the windows, always plenty of clocks on display :grin:
  6. Bought one of those oxford stick on clocks. Mines a bit buggy, if I change to temperature reading, it resets itself. Don't need it to tell me that it's flippin cold. Easy to install and remove, recommended.
  7. My learner bike didn't have a clock either.

    But my new bike has one.

    One-day, when I'm wealthy beyond my wildest dreams; I'll get one that has a fuel-gauge too :eek:
  8. I got a cheap watch and put the band around the metal frame bit just up from the handle bars. Pretty much alongside the speedo, it was on the largest wrist setting.

    Actually it was free from an easter egg and I always wondered if someone would take it.

    As it turns out, no-one ever did and it told the time beautifully.
  9. Seiously though +1 to what Ktulu said before...
    cheap digital watch wrapped somewhere on the bars. There's specialty items around but for the price it's just as easy to get a regular watch :grin: good luck
  10. There's only one guy to ask:

  11. Happy to help mate :wink:
  12. Ktulu said:
    Save your money mate. While they might do a resonable job of telling how much fuel you have, they are useless for telling the time.
  13. So what's the problem? Ride it like you stole it ALL the time!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  14. OMG! My face hurts!!

    Cheers for the input. I'll be driving faster, closer to cars, with wrist watches wrapped around the handlebars, staring at the sun.....

  15. Ah Ha!
    Instant Bling!!

    Cam :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: