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N/A | National How to tell if a bike is LAMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by spruce, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Folks,

    I've done a search on the forum but could not find anything too relevant. Apologies if this has been done before mods.

    A friend of mine is considering purchasing a bike that is a LAMS bike. However, this model of bike comes in a LAMS and a non-LAMS version.

    The seller is selling it as a LAMS bike, stating it was for his wife. However, it does not state LAMS on the rego label. Some reading on the forum states that sometimes this does happen, as a RTA/VicRoads error.

    My question is, is there a way of checking whether or not the bike is the LAMS compliant model? Some reading I've found states all VINs that are LAMS are registered as such with RTA etc. Is there any way of finding out before purchasing the bike?


  2. I was going to say go to the vic roads website and check the lams list, but i'm slightly confused as to what you're asking, just let me clear this for myself, you're worried because it doesn't say LAMS on the rego label, its not lams approved?

    or you're not sure if the bike itself is lams approved.. a check of the list would clear that up.

    as for lams not being on the rego label.. i'm not sure.
  3. No no, the bike comes in two models, one that is lams compliant, one that isn't. It is an ECU restriction, not a mechanical one. The owner is saying it's LAMS compliant, however does not say so on the rego label. Trying to establish if the bike is, in fact, the LAMS model or not.

    The bike he is stating it is, is on the LAMS list. We just have to establish that it is in fact that model, and not the one that isn't restricted. Make sense?
  4. ahh yes i understand you now.. what is the bike?
  5. Gladius
  6. I'll assume you're in NSW like me -
    I had a bike (on LAMS) that came in both LAMS and no-LAMS versions. It clearly stated LAMS on the registration label. Police checked this on one of several RBT stops, that is how I found it was stated there.

    If there was an error in the RTA records and for some reason it was not printed on the label there will be one or two extra letters on the model (particularly on a newer model Suzuki such as the Gladius) such as SFV650UL (LAMS) as opposed to SFV650.

    You can also fire it up and check the throttle/rpms - you can tell a LAMS bike pretty easily.
  7. yeh if worse comes to worse,
    call up youre local suzuki dealer and have them do a vin enquiry to get the exact model, year (ive had a few pople go to get parts for a recently bought bike..... only to find out its a year or two younger then the seller said, especcially dirt bikes where it isnt registered) id trust the manufacturer more then rta.
  8. Just take it for a test ride and see if it has any balls - you'll get your answer soon enough
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