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How to tell a imported bikes year model?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Al Bundy, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question.. how can you tell the year model of an imported bike?

    I just got my l's yesterday and am going to go looking at some bikes in the next few weeks starting tomorrow. :grin: :grin:

    I was just looking on bikesales.com and the tradingpost, and if i was to go looking at some bikes today it would be looking at a 2002 ZZR250 and a imported 2003 ZXR250S.

    The year model advertised for the ZXR250S is 2003, i had a look on the red book and it didnt list any ZXR250's after 1996.. I wouldnt even consider it if it was a 1993 model with the seller saying its newer (because of when it was complianced). Getting a newish bike is what im after (my girlfriends trying to get me to get a brand new one).

    Thanks for any help you can give
  2. You have by far the funniest avatar/nick combo. For real: I nearly fell off my chair! :):)
  3. Oh, and also I havn't been round long enough to give advise like that, though...
    Do some digging because a while back I stumbled onto a guide for doing just that, on Wikipedia believe it or not. If I track it down I'll post the link
  4. Thanks scrambles,
    I did a search on here but couldnt find anything relevant. ill check out the wikipedia.

    Al Bundy is funny as :LOL: (the one on tv, not me)
  5. I found these articles really helpful as I was and still am looking for a bike. Of course i'm really unlearn-ed about mechanics and stuff, couldn't find any mention of date stamps for imports though.
    you could always get a vicroads vehicles history check on the bike once you're really interested. just remember to jot down the VIN and rego number. (with permission of course)
    tells you when bike was first registered, who's owned it, if it has been written off etc. (not sure about bike's original history if it's imported though)

  6. Thanks for the references im.on.it,

    I have read them before but will print them out now as im closer to getting a bike :) :)

    So is there anyway to tell a imported bikes year model?

    Or was the zxr250s still sold new in 2003?
    were these left over bikes from 1996 that sat in a kawasaki factory/yard for 7 years and then sold off?
  7. Hey Al,

    I think it's a bit of both, as well as that it may be that they are trying to sell bikes complianced in '03 as '03 model bikes, if it's a grey import.

    If that's the case, best thing to do is to look at the compliance plates, and it should tell you what year it is.
  8. And here is the answer you are seeking...
    The ZXR 250 and the CBR RR 250 havn't been manufactured for years (About 96 sounds right)

    The ZZR and GPX are both still manufactured today.
    The obvios question is why by new for a bike you arn't likely to be riding long term? and more to the point why by new for a bike you are likely to drop in some maner (If you are lucky it will be scratch it, if you are a hoon it might mean binning it)
  9. The tenth character of the VIN gives the year of manufacture, starting at "A" for 1980 and switching to numbers in 2001.
    More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VIN
  10. Thanks all for the help and making it clear for me :)
    i wont be buying brand new, it'll definately be used...