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How to Tame a Dragon

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon

    Watched this tonight. Very enjoyable movie, pretty standard plot, loved every minute of it. Doesn't really push the boundaries of the 3D tech, kinda unnecessary tbh. Considering what I was expecting and after, I give this a full 5 stars.

    Anyone else seen it? Your thoughts on the movie?

    Edit: gahh, got the title wrong.
  2. Hey Lilley,
    I took my boys to see it yesterday morning.
    Loved it too. Got a good laugh.

    Saw it in 2D though. Thought it would be a task getting the 2 y/o to keep the glasses on.

    Full 5 Stars here too.

    As a side note; Couldn't help but laugh at the abbreviated Title on the Ticket "How to train your Dr".
    pft, I wish. Then he'd give me the good 'scripts.

  3. the start was slightly scary for the girls (4yo and 6yo) with all the noise, fighting and flashing lights, but after that they loved it. so did we. Lot's of one-liners for the adults that went right over the kid's heads. The 3D had it's moments but wasn't as good as Avatar. we ducked when the wave came at us and the kids were reaching out to grasp the ash falling down, so it was probably better than 2D

    certainly one of the better ones.
  4. My son loved it, his very first movie at the cinemas , took him a while to adjust to the 3d glasses but he loved it as did we, a good fun movie.
  5. Exactly what I thought, just a great movie to relax to and have some fun.

    @ simon: I loved the "thanks for nothing, you useless reptile" line that was gold.
  6. i really want to see this, not sure whether to go 2d or 3d though
  7. it was the ...kill on sight, ...kill on sight, ..kill on sight at the end of every description in the book that creased me up

  8. Go the 3D, it's not overdone and quite a good experience.
  9. I could go with my girlfriend and not get bored?

    She's keen to see it. (BTW, kickass was cool, def. not for kids though)
  10. without a doubt. when it comes to cliche movies I'm one of their biggest enemies. But I don't think I've come away more impressed from one then after seeing this. plus, the dragon is way cool.

    unless you're the kind of person that must have a plot 5 layers thick and then spend the next three days trying to unravel it, i think you will like this.
  11. Just put the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs up against them, that will tame them :D
  12. Or leave them waking up in a hotel room with a sore arse and a lot of regrets.

    I took my daughter to see it in the first week of the school holidays. At 5 years old some of it was a bit full on her. I did the 2d version and was skeptical because 3d movies generally suck, but other than a few gratuitous screen forward shots at the beginning it was a pretty good movie.

    It's probably aimed at 6 or 7+ and then more towards boys.
  13. Took 9yo nephew during the first week of school holidays and enjoyed it (3D).

    Best 3D I've seen was the NASCAR 3D at IMAX in the city. Was filmed using proper IMAX 3D cameras and my, then 4yo nephew, kept jumping out of his seat to try to grab the pop up interview screens that they put right in your face.