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How to suck a Camel

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by WGM, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Greetings NetRiders

    I have a question. Yes its stupid, Yes I should probably know the answer and Yes it is probably something obvious.

    But how do you suck a Camel?

    Not one of these!


    But one of these


    I used to use one in my cycling days. Cycle cycle, pant pant, need a drink so you lift the tube to your mouth have a drink and then let it retun back to the strap.

    But I am confused on the Beast when I have a full face helmet. I don't know whether you only use it when you stop, or can you lift it to your mouth while riding (but wouldn't that mean somehow slipping the tube down the front of the chin piece? Or do you ride with it in your mouth the whole time (surely it can't be that)


    How does one use the Camel as part of the Motorcycle kit?

    Also, do you wear it under your jacket or over your jacket?

    Thanks in advance!

    AKA Mr Ridiculous
  2. That model shown in the picture is the same pack that I have. It has the 90 degree drink tube valve thing. To drink from it just slide it up sideways between your mouth and the chin guard then rotate it so you can bite the opening. You may have to slow down a bit to use it but you won't have to stop, it is a bit difficult to use above 140km/h. If you let the drink tube dangle like I do just remember to check it for big bug splats first.
  3. You have to flip the camel onto its back and chock it to stop the rocking back and forth.
    I'll leave the rest up to you but apparently the method is different depending on whether its male or female.
  4. I imagine its similar to blowing a seal
  5. Where iz teh arabic pornz?
  6. I use my camelbak (actually a Deuter brand one, but "camelbak" has become the catch-all term for the devices, much like Kleenex, Hoover, biro, etc..) when touring longer distances. And when mountainbiking of course.

    In my case I wear the pack over my armour jacket, and slide the bite-valve up underneath the chinbar of my helmet. Bite to drink. I leave the hose "hung up" on the cross-chest strap where it's supposed to live when not being used.

    A 90* valve would be more ideal, but the "straight" valve I have is okay.

    Haven't had any troubles using it on my naked VTR at freeway speeds; no need to slow down at all.
  7. :rofl:
  8. THanks to all.

    The info has been most enlightening!! Both the sublime and the ridiculous!

  9. suck it up, princess :cool: