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How to store a bike ova winter??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sunite, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. need some help on storeing a dirt/road bike ova winter, the bike is old yes, but i plan to store it for about 3 years, as i have no time to play with the thing.......
    my pride and joy!!!!

    and the problemis the tires..... how do u properly store them?? as they are relativeley new and how to store the battery??

  2. I've got a companion question to this: How do you store a bike in such a way that the carbies don't clog up?
  3. Carbies: best if you remove them off the bike and put them in a plastic bag (at least that is what my mate a wrecker recomends) or at drain the fuel out.

    Tyres: put the bike on some sot of stand where both the tyres are off the ground and let air out... it is the air preasure inside the tyres that dryies them out... best is to take the tyres off and wrap them in something and lay them flat on their side... (I had a tyre stored like that for 3 years, no destortion no cracks)

    Petrol tank: remove, put in a table spoon of 2 stroke oil shake around and drain...

    if you want to be realy neet.. take out the spark plugs and put in 4 drops of thin (10w30) engine oil. put sparkplug back in...

    When you will be puting the bike back on the road, change all fluids!!! chack all rubber hoses!! Have fun!!!
  4. Problem is there is no such thing as "tires"
    If you mean tyres then overinflate them by about 5 psi in order for them to maintain their shape as flatness may mis-shape them.

    As for the battery just disconnect it or add a trickle charger in order to maintain the charge.
  5. smee... I strongly dissagree on over inflating them!! the air inside the tyres eventualy escapes through the tyre... Tyres are not %100 air tight and as the air seeps out it disloges a molecule (I forgot the name) which is responsible for keeping the tyre flexible... It will eventualy dry out the tyre and couse cracking!! A friend of mine picke up an old GS650 that was sitting in a garage for 10years... the rear tyre has a small leek and it lost it's preasure quickly but after it was inflated again it was like new no cracks while the front which held it's preasure (about 10psi) had cracks and exploded when we put in 30psi!! also the front stuck to the floor :)

    Batery... no metter what you do (even if you put it on slow charge) eventualy it will lose all it's ability to hold charge... 3-4 years max on slow charge... 1 year if you leave it standing...
  6. Agreed on the battery.
    As for the tyres ask the yanks who store their bikes over the winter each year.
    Overinflate the tyres and keep an eye on them every few months.
    Even if you leave them for a few years and check em evey few months you can reinflate them.
    Any tyre that has a slow leak needs to be replaced.
  7. Ah the yanks have to warry about cold weather too... I remember something form uni about our tyres being different in composition because of exactly that... storage over winter!!
  8. Try this link, these guys get a real winter :)

  9. storing the bike for 3 years dont worry about battery it wont last pull it out and give it or sell it to a mate and you may aswell head out and fry the rear cause after 3 years the tyre will be shot anyway unless you wanna ride in a straight line all the time (best bet if they are new or near new pull them off and sell them) as for the rest replace the oil and run it for a minute drain the fuel from the tank and the carbs you can put a bit of oil in the tank and splash it around if its steel and pull ther plug and put some oil in and wind in over with the plug out then refit......... when it comes time to use it again replace all the fluids (brake eng forks etc) and with a new battery and tyres you are off
  10. well i just got the bike, enrolled in a course, now my whole weekend is taken up doin the course, the bike is great nick as it was stored before i got the bike ( new tyres and new battery as well^^)

    so chuck out the battery and the tires, btw just outt courisity, (howeva u spell it) how do u rust proof as some signs of rust have started to come up
    also would u suggest a recableing in 3 years time???

    any thing else u recomend to be done on the bike??
    fuel tank, carbie.........
    sorri, i mean 3 years and just protecting the battery and tyres..... more would be needed to be done right?
  11. if your worried about rust you could spray it with wd40 or something like that not sure how it would go ..... cables should be right as long as they are keeped dry
  12. I'm guessing your on L's which will expire in less than 3 years so I'd advise not storing the bike but rather us it to commute & do your P's as soon as ya can! Just cause you can't do week-end rides doesn't mean you can't enjoy your bike!
  13. nah well im in nsw, where the L`s last for 6 months so its advisable to buy the bike THEN get the L`s, well i was foolish enough to go into buying the bike first as i thought it was a bargin.......

    then one thing led to another and so storing it seems the best bet, even commuting would be pointless as i live a walk from everything....

    and i brought the thing with a months rego left knowing it would be road worthy and all......

    (well prob dont wanna hear my story)

    but anywayz....... what else is good for keeping it in a good condition?
  14. If you are going to store the bike for 3 years, I would just sell it. It'll be worth less in 3 years anyway. Whn you do get around to riding, buy another bike, your finances may have changed then and being in NSW you can go up to a 650 road bike if you wanted.

    Saves all the hassles of storing something that could wreck, and be worth less money anyway.
  15. Depends on where you are from... Canada uses tires (and that is what I use). Check http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=tyre - first reference says 'variant of tire'.
  16. jimi, i mean the bike i got was dirt cheap ne wayz, so u sayin it wouldnt last ova 3 years hey???

    thanx for ya help:D

    i mean look, value of bikes would depreciate that much ova 3 years, its already 23 years old ......

    yea i mean im sure my finances have changed in 3 years, but thats not the point, its the principle:p