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How to Start a Water Logged Dirtbike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by orekin, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Say that I bugger up a river crossing and the bike gets water logged. How would I get it going again ?

    I was thinking:
    (1) Dry out air filter
    (2) Drain carby bowl
    (3) Remove spark plugs (and possibly exhaust header)
    (5) Kick her over to force any water out of the cylinder
    (6) Put spark plugs (and possibly exhaust header) back on
    (7) Start her up and hope
  2. pretty much it, you gotta turn it up so you can drain the water out of the exhaust too.
  3. That's what Charlie and Ewan do :grin:
  4. Make sure there's no water in the oil...?
  5. wouldnt any water evaporate once the oil got hot?
  6. Nope, small volumes of water are miscible in motor oils and won't boil out of the solution at engine temps.
  7. water in the oil is.... Baaaaaaad.

    just ask my fairlanes first engine :p

    your unlikley to have that happen in a dunking though
  8. Your avatar just got me, =D> ](*,)