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How to spend a lot of money on your bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by demuire, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. yikes - there's some $$$ in that baby !!!
  2. Or just get a 2006 Gixxer 1000 and have an even lighter, quicker bike :LOL:
  3. and Tony thought I was spending too much on the Hornet....

    these people are FREAKS!
  4. :shock: do you reckon that shop will lend me some money? seems liek they have enough to go around :cry:
  5. Bling bling. Kerching!
  6. Ths King of Bling directed my attention to some other sites that do Ducati special bits. They have crazy, crazy names like Yoyodyne and Mad Duc... :shock:
  7. Hmm perhaps I should change from making fiberglass cheep fairings to carbonfiber expensive fairings...
  8. Being totally one eyed I only had time to look at the Duke site. Much prettiness on offer :grin: Although if he was looking for a home for any of that second rate old fashioned Ohlins - I would put my hand up. We could make it work! It isn't hard to spend money on them - in fact they make you want to spend money - it is compelling. The wish list for our bikes is never ending. It is just rather restrained by the lack of money :(
  9. yeah there are a few things i would love to do to the bike
    but if i could the fist thing i would do i put a turbo in the gsxr
    and then ill have some fun.... most likely will come off or do something bad but hell it would be fast
    :LOL: :LOL:
  10. It is so easy to start spending BIG $ on a bike
    take my day out yesterday
    went to a few bike shop's
    I have my Male partner with me
    i am talking to sales assistant that turns out know's my big brother
    as we natter about all those we know ect going over 20 + years of stuff ect
    and i am after a pair of glasses
    and try many on whilst we natter and i get a Exellent deal on them(interchangable lenses ect) :shock:
    whilst we were nattering my partner wanders off
    comes back with a very flashy set of hand grips for my bike ask's will fit ect (assistant says yes)
    partner wanders of again
    picks up a few more items
    gets the nod
    wanders off again
    by this time we are just watching everywhere he goes and i say to assistant hmmm
    can you just sell him that bike over there for me it already has all this stuff on it :rofl: when we start laughing he comes back and says whats so funny :rofl:
  11. Hmmm, I tend to see it as the more money that I throw at the bike, the more I'd cry if it hit the ground hard. I mean I'd love to have the spare cash to throw at setting a bike up nicely. You can go totally crazy on it if you want, but the more you spend, the more afraid you are to ride it in anger.