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How to Sit?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. I'm not sure which forum this goes in, so mods feel free to move if its in the wrong spot.

    Over the weekend I noticed someone I ride with was not sitting centred on the seat meaning the bike was slightly leaning to the right (from the rear).
    Does anyone have any advice on how to feel centred on the bike? Apparently it felt ok and it would because the body was vertical.
    A quick stand on the pegs or squeezing the tank with the knees doesn't seem to fix it.
    On the plus side, turning left is much easier than right :)

    There were no cross winds and this seems to be what feels comfortable.

    Any advice?

  2. If they are short, this could be that they have become acustom to drop the leg and slide bum of seat when stopping. Just be habitual.
  3. Thanks PP. They can flat foot when sitting so I dont think thats the issue.
    Good point though.
  4. Piles? :p

    Some people are just naturally.... ummm, what's the word.... unco?

    I used to do the same thing on bikes, bodyboards, you name it. It felt like I was square to the direction of travel, but wasn't. You can train yourself out of it.
  5. A few years ago I had a mountain biking accident that twisted my hips a bit and made one leg a little shorter than the other. I didn't realise this at the time but went to an osteo about 18 mths later and they fixed it. The strangest thing was that everything looked lop-sided for a couple of days once I was straight again... :?

    The problem was in my legs so was just thinking... if I rode motorbikes at that time, would I have been sitting lop-sided too thinking I was straight?
  6. Did they slide down the road on their butt?

    Maybe they just are not aware of it?
  7. There's people in this world that can't be trusted to sit the right way 'round on the shitter. I say fuggedaboudit, the only problem with sitting slightly askew is that it's upsetting your sense of symmetry.
  8. I used to always sit slightly crooked and it felt straight, but then I was rather unco :LOL:

    To overcome that I practised being light on my handle bars, then eventually... have it in a higher gear to take my hands off... then sit up straight without my hands anywhere near the bars. It really exaggerates any asymmetry. I'd put my hands back, adjust myself a little (no, not the guy way :wink: ) and try again. Now I'll often do it just to check on my balance. Things seem to happen a lot easier when I'm centered.
  9. Thanks all. We'll work on it.
    :LOL: @ Loz. I used to work near Roxbourgh Park. I know what you mean :LOL:
  10. Maybe there spine is out.
    Have they had any spinal or hip injuries in the past?
  11. wallet with lots of money in it in their back pocket perhaps?
  12. I've seen quite a few people do this. Saw a guy on a chopped up Harley type thing the other day, he was almost hanging off one side just riding straight. :shock:
  13. I'm one of them... for some reason I sit with my left leg slightly forward making the rest of me a bit cooked. Haven't had any ill effects from it so far, thought I do notice it from time to time and try to straighten myself up.

    I guess when I'm old and grey and walking like a crab I will wish I'd done more about it :LOL:
  14. I know when horse riding the horse can affect the way u sit...perhaps the bike is one sided
  15. I hang over to the left a bit in stop/start traffic, just makes it easier to get the left foot down and up frequently(plus plant it flat and firmly on teh ground), plus seems to make the bike a little more stable, as it's always leaning slightly right, so it's not constantly flipping back and forth past the balance point. Also means my right foot is in a nicer position for the rear brake.
    I also have a slight spinal problem that means I lean slightly left from the pelvis as well. My lower body is square on teh bike, but I know my upper body is not, I can see more of the left side of the dash than the right when riding. I have tried to consciously straighten up, but it doesn't last, and I feel fine the way I ride.
    Pretty much every person on the planet is asymmetrical in some way.
    Soem people also lean their body to counteract road camber instead of teh bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Bear in mind that if the road has any camber (they mostly all do) and if there is any wind, that that technique probably won't really be all that accurate.

    I think it comes down to:

    1) Look down at your legs and the V they make on the seat - is this centered?

    2) Look down your nose at the fuel tank cap, or the edges of the fuel tank, or maybe the fork legs and shut each eye in turn. You should see the same amount of tank in each case.

    I understand that everyone has a bias for one eye or the other to predominate. (When you hold a finger about 30 to 40 cm in front of you, and shut each eye in turn, the finger will "move" for one eye only.) By using your nose as the marker you overcome this bias.

    Unfortunately, the folk who need to change their seating "stance" are unlikely to be reading this forum or topic...


    Trevor G
  17. :rofl:

    This is actually not as silly as you might think. In my case it's true - since I threw my bike down the road last April the seat isn't perfectly straight. I always notice my left leg is loose against the tank no matter how I sit. :?

    The backend is visibly crooked... :LOL:

    Edit: hmm... maybe the road camber has somerthing to do with it too.
  18. Ask him which side he dresses...

    Perhaps he's well endowed and the added weight is making it lean to that side... :LOL:
  19. Errr no. That would be my problem :LOL: :rofl: \:D/
  20. with ass on seat