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how to show your approval to the pretty girls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyan, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. So you are at the lights and look over and see a hottie (girl or boy as you prefer) in the car next to you. You have your full face helmet on so can't really communicate that easily. How do you tell them that you think they are superhot. Is there a hand signal that can be used?

  2. Wink


    they can still see your eyes...
  3. Stare at them and masturbate.
  4. beep your horn, rev your engine, wave your arms rapidly above your head, do a wheelie...all standard stuff

    lots of guys on here also try crashing into her. just ask our weestorm riding mate.

  5. and if they respond you are in
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  7. if only it was that easy....
  8. The missus told me about a bloke in a cage who was staring at her and her mate and ended up driving up the back of a trailer with a boat on it. :LOL:

    I find standing up, thrusting at the tank and spanking the bike is what impresses the women the most. It shows them that they will never be more important than the piece of machinery between your legs.
  9. Lol

    One time when I was stopped at the lights on a hill with the missus in the passenger seat this bogan pulls up next to her (all in cages) staring at her he start reving the engine. When the lights go green he tries to floor is but stalls, I take off normally. Heard him taking off REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEV then the crunch of a gear being changed at half clutch.
  10. Dammit that's what I was going to say.......i might not stand up and do it, just hump the tank into submission whilst giving it a good spank, that should clearly indicate your intentions.
  11. how has no one said "rev your engine to make it sounds like a woof whistle"?

    Eve. nice thinking except if your wearing sunnies. i spose a 'how you doing' nod in their direction would work.
  12. i dont do anything, if they say hi , i may say hi but i got more important things to do like getting the attention of my gf by looking into her eyes and telling her how much i love and appreciate her :grin:
  13. 90% of the people I see on the road have tinted visors like me so that doesnt really work does it
  14. In this heat, just follow them to the nearest beach/public pool


    DISCLAIMER - i do not endorse my actions. :p
  15. Move sunnies down nose
    tilt chin down
    *cheeky wink*

    its not brain surgery...

  16. I think someone's done this before!!!

  17. Hey!

    STFU for making me look like a cheating pervert!

    I love my lady and would never look at another woman! It was a total hypothetical! :evil:
  18. lol - Nah - i do the more obvious blow kiss through helmet thang.

    :cool: :grin:
  19. Awwww sooky sooky lala :LOL: i was speaking for myself mate, not the net nanny community :twisted: :LOL:
  20. I know, just lookin to pick a fight :LOL: