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How to shave your **** - Gillette's guide

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sirian Sun, May 28, 2009.

  1. I came across this on another site... Gillette have put a clip on You Tube to show guys how to (safely?) shave their nether regions. Seriously good for a laugh. Some of the comments are funny too.


  2. very handy indeed
  3. Especially when you wanna shave yer old bell helmet, I bet.
  4. saw that one coming... keeps it shiney.
  5. shaved pubes grow back with an itching vengeance. its not nice for either party in bed!
  6. Ya just gotta keep shaving that's all!! :p a no stubble policy! :LOL:
  7. Shave again :p
  8. Follow the video, then jump online and grab the "I SHAVED MY BALLS FOR THIS?" tee :p
  9. wax ya big pu_sys
  10. +1 too funny :LOL:
  11. this will be one of the very few threads in NR history that does not include; "pics or it didn't happen"
  12. :LOL: I think you may be right :wink:
  13. I went there once as a younger man. Never, EVER again unless there's a medical imperative.
  14. waiting........ :)
  15. Hmmm you have experience with the camera dont you Bell ;)
  16. And no making the last step take the longest...

    (whistles and wanders out)
  17. Hey Bravus >>>>>> :popcorn:
  18. just wait till i get home then.. :wink:
  19. LOL we have a contender :grin: