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how to sell your bike??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by traveller, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi All
    I have a honda cbr rr 250 and im considering selling it due to hardly ever being able to ride it any more due to change of work etc.
    Im wondering if i should sell it registered or unregistered?? and how do i sell a bike without getting ripped off or someone taking it for a test ride and never returning it.
    This bike is in good condition reliable and never crashed it is a 97 with 29,000 on the clock and only ridden a handfull of time since its last service so wondering what to sell it for.
    Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated and i hope im in the right forum.
    Cheers everyone

  2. http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/cs/bikes/

    that's a good indicator, search it there.

    other than that, if someone test rides it keep their wallet/license/car keys something like that as insurance.

    Registered is always better, its a very good indication of the bikes overall condition and not getting a roadworthy/reregistering means alot to some people who might buy it (like me, who want's to do anything involving the rta?)

    service history helps too

    alll the best, and don't look like this guy:

  3. Probably around the 5k mark registered and in good nick - fairings good, recent service etc....
    Selling the bike registered and with a RWC is generally the way to go for top price and you'll get lower if you sell it with neither of the other two.
    Being a 97' it's an Oz delivered model so I'm thinking if it's original it will be a tri-colour.
    Everytime I have sold a bike, I get the potenial buyer to sign a form that I got written up by a lawyer friend. Covers damage and if they bin it whilst riding - they pay for it etc.... Get a hold of their licence, car keys etc too. Other people want a deposit put down or the full amount for the bike upfront in case of stuff going pear shaped but to date it has all gone well for me.
    Also try posting the bike with pics on cbr250.com site as lot's of people trawl the sale section.

  4. Hard to sell one without them test riding it.
    Definitely Keep there License and credit card or half the cash if they take it for a test ride.
    Also write up a test ride agreement. Something like..
    I ....... agree the bike........... I am taking for a test ride is in good working order and free of any damage. And agree to pay without delay for any damage that I may cause during this test ride.
    signed ........
    I am sure someone here has or could come up with a better agreement paper. But you get the idea
    Oh and make sure they look the bike over before they take it and agree there is no damage.