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How to sell a HD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gavinl, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. So you’re a salesmen tasked with selling someone a product they don’t need, that they can’t afford, that isn’t competitive with rivals, that isn’t new and won’t make buyers stand out or demonstrate unique taste. How the hell do you do that? Don’t worry, the official Harley-Davidson test ride manual is here to help.


  2. that's class!

    8 mile ride, stopping for water 4 miles into it so they'll get noticed :p
  3. "So how do you sell a Harley-Davidson? Basically, you make the person taking the test ride feel like they have a huge penis. That’s pretty damn smart actually."

    But what happens if they already have a huge penis?! ;)
  4. They buy a Honda.
  5. This is gold!
    Like learning how to sell an eskimo an ice cube...lol
  6. then it makes them feel like it's even bigger!
  7. I don't see what's strange about this. Makes perfect sense: HD don't sell a motorcycle, they sell an image.
  8. LC .. stop Penis(fanta)sizing!
  9. All motorcycle brands sell image...

    Sportsbikes sell the image that you are Vale Rossi.
    Dirt bikes sell the image you are Antonio Cairoli.
    Adventure bikes sell the image that you are Charlie and Ewan.
    Scooters sell the image that you are in Rome.

    Who have I forgotten?
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  10. The CEO of HD a few years back was quoted as saying "...we dont sell motorbikes. What we sell is the ability for a 50year old accountant to dress in black, ride through a small town and have people be afraid of him..."
  11. Most brands give, at least, a passing nod to performance, or technology, or comfort or convenience.

    NONE of that applies to HD (in most of its 'typical' HD bikes).

    Do you know the reason why HD have such a distinct SOUND?
    One SO distinctive that HD tried to trademark it?

    That's because it chooses (CHOOSES!) to use the extremely outdated single crankpin technology instead of using cams like the rest of the 21st Century.

    The loss of performance from doing that is Immense!

    And that is ENTIRELY so you can still recognise an HD when it's coming down the road...even though its huge souding engine barely makes 70bhp!

    That's who you're dealing with here. That takes some doing!
  12. If Harleys are so bad, why do riders buy Harley copies ? Isn't that much worse ? It doesn't matter whether the imitation is better than the original or not, kind of like buying a Chinese Rolex and passing it off as a real one...
  13. Triumphs make you feel like your Norman Wisdom! Click here! and here!
  14. How hard can it be. A tool walks into a tool shop wanting a tool to tighten his nuts.
    And what is that tool thinking. "This will finally get me laid"
  15. Nah, the Harley "copies" (I don't really see them as copies) are styled similar to Harley Davidsons and have a similar sound, but they use much more modern reliable technology, parts and service is less expensive, they use less fuel and they have better performance. So they're better.
  16. ...and Harley didn't invent that "look".
    Indian did.
  17. Not bought too many Japanese spares lately have you?:wink:
  18. You're on the money Vertical C.

    Sports riders are the biggest posers. At least Harley riders don't pretend to have serious skills. Why would you buy a Harley? Because for some of us we have no interest in criticising other's preferences but feel that any bike that doesn't shake (so we love big singles, old british bikes, and Harleys) is boring by comparison. Screw advanced technology, if all it does is put you to sleep. I want to ride a motorbike, not a sewing machine or two-wheeled car!
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  19. Showing your age there, Pete
  20. Hyosungs sell the image that you are an experienced mechanic.

    Oh, wait, that's what you are if you've kept one running for a year :LOL:. Apologies to anyone who owns/has owned a reliable Hyo :).