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how to sell a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chmaiden, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Hi guys
    I have a bike to sell but do not have a clue how to do it re RWC, test rides etc.
    can anyone shed some light so I dont just hand my keys over to someone who just rides off with it?!
    I will post the ad here when I know what to do!

  2. 1) take lots of pics after polishing the thing up to showroom spec
    2) list all features of the bike along with age/mileage/mods/scratches etc
    2) set price


    Test rides are completely up to you, some allow it, some dont, but if you are going to do I would suggest getting a deposit off them first incase they stack it.

    Think that briefly covers what you need
  3. cheers mate - thats what i thought, I just wondered re the test ride as its not like a car when you can sit in the passenger seat!
  4. Welcome, good luck with the sale.
  5. ok - ready to go - bike is nice and shiny. I will get a RWC done when I have agreed a sale. What paperwork do i need to do? Have downloaded the transfer of rego from the vicroads website. is that all I need and will provide the buyer with a receipt. anything else?
  6. You need to fill out the transfer of registration papers as a seller, two copies and that's it!
    Then go spend all your money on bubble gum and arcade machines
  7. What I usually do when I'm selling a vehicle is hold onto the licence of whoever it is test driving my vehicle... No licence, no test ride / drive.
  8. cheers guys. i have put the ad up. what happens re test rides if they are a learner? Also whats the deal if they bend it?!
  9. For learners to test your bike? bigger risk!! License held along with cash i hand! They bend/dropbike they have bought it!! Make that very clear so nobody says 'I had no idea'
    Cover your bases as they say. I sold my first to Karl Williams, was a mountain of a man, rode away at night time, did not even test ride the bike!!
  10. ask for a cash deposit of a grand or so beforehand just to stop tyre kickers from coming around.. really

    that was the biggest lesson i learned from selling my first bike..
  11. After the fact, provide TWO receipts for it, that both you and the seller sign, with the date and time of sale. One for them, one for you.
    Suggest that the receipts state names, addresses and licence numbers.

    Test rides... id never buy a bike unridden except for my learners when i had to take a chance. +1 to $1k, but i wouldnt hold their licence... they need it to ride. Id take a photo of it so you have their details, however.
  12. Thats a good point, I have my learners and want to buy a bike but I feel that it's unlikely that anyone will let me test ride, even with a deposit. I don't have any friends who ride so do I just have to take a chance?
  13. If the person selling is full licenced you can ask about riding as a pillion just to get a feel?
    At least you can sit on it and see if its comfortable...
    Whre abouts are you wokwon? If anyone is local maybe they can come have a look with you?
  14. Doesn't the rego transfer form require that info anyway?

    And paying by/being paid by direct debit adds to the 'paper' trail, too, and means the money is in your account straight away. So if its an option, it may be worth taking.
  15. Yes it does, but the copy goes with the buyer. You want a copy of the details to stay with you too :). Just in case the law comes knocking if theres some sort of problem, such as reversed bank transactions etc of people trying to screw you over. Happens, though rarely.
  16. That's why I only accept CASH!!!
    And yes, it's best to do 2 copies of the transfer papers that you have both signed
  17. All good advice!

    When I bought my most recent bike I did my homework on the internet and pretty well knew what I was looking for. I sat on a few bikes and they didn't feel right. I almost forgot to test ride my new bike after putting a deposit on it. It has been everything I expected it to be and much more.

    I found it easier to trade in my old for a secondhand (new to me) bike from a bike dealer, costs a bit more but takes a lot of pain out of the process in my opinion.