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How to secure GIVI M3 plate latch?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mr Owl PhD, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. I just installed a GIVI monokey case and M3 plate to my gs500. All went well except that I cannot understand how a little 2mm plastic cylinder is meant to be an 'anti theft device' I suppose it may stop a child under the age of 3 from stealing my top case, but surely even a 5 year old can work this one out.

    On the rear of the M3 mount is the latch hole, it's a triangular piece of metal that that is attached with two allen head bolts secured from underneath. WTF? They supply a little piece of plastic that is mean to go into the Allen head hole. It may defeat the praying mantis that is lurking suspiciously close to the latch, but I can't see how it's going to stop a casual thief with an allen key from removing my expensive topcase.

    The obvious thing to do was to have the bolts coming from the top so they are covered when the case is attached. I'm mystified as to how it could be like this surely others must have noticed this.

    Should I take it to a welder perhaps? I mean I can't see why I'd even need to remove the latch, it could even have been made in one piece instead of needing to be attached.

    Unless of course there is something bleeding obvious that I am not seeing.




  2. I just went and had a look at my Givi top case mount and the piece in question on my bracket is a molded part of the bracket. Interesting that the model you have has it fixed with small Hex head bolts. The only option I can offer is to lash out and buy 2 Stainless Steel (if you can get them in stainless) Torx screws with the security head. Not many would be top box thieves would carry the security screw bit with them, having said that and not meaning to sound a smart arse. The chances of someone wandering around with a set of hex (allen) keys in their pocket looking to steal a top box off a bike would be slim. Unless said person sees your ride regularly and decided that they wanted yours. Personally after the experience I had with the Givi mounting equipment on my ride I would look at replacing non mounting bolts with stainless bolts and where they are mounting bolts try to get good quality zinc plated socket cap screws although 304 Stainless would in all reality be fine for the purpose as well (allen head) bolts to replace the supplied mounting bolts.
  3. OK thanks for checking that. Looks like I'll see about getting it welded or maybe just covering it with epoxy resin.