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How to scrub in new shoes..?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by 99CIBBER, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Got myself a new set of runners. First impression on the street was that they were a little skittish. When getting my foot down I felt the toe end slip away a little and under hard braking (running for the train/weaving in and out of CBD pedestrian traffic) the grip levels were some what lacking..

    Any tips for walking on new shoes? Do I need to scrub them in? If so how do I do that? How many steps does it take before I can confidently put my sole down?

    By the way I'm a size 9 with 85kg weight to size ratio.

    Cheers! CIBBER
  2. :-s:arrow::squid::-k:butt::bolt:

    ps at least its in the right forum
  3. Normally a few hundred k's, taking it easy on the power will do it. You could try a few sneaky burnouts if no one is around..just find an empty carpark and let rip.
    Just watch your cornering speed and allow a bit more room for braking...oh and take extra care in the wet.
    I have just scrubbed in a new set of Nikes..brilliant in the wet or dry...grip to spare...but they will let go without warning once you pass silly lean angles up towards your ankles. Remember ATGATT.
  4. Thanks for the advice Rabbito, there's an industrial Estate just up the road from where I live so I might walk up there tonight and jog around, I'll wait a few more days before trying to get my ankle down, Yep ATGATT, Hat, sunscreen, and of course socks!

    Anyone got experience with velcro? Pro and cons vs lace up? I hear that velcro strap jobbies are more of a commuting shoe, where as lace-ups are considered more so a track based shoe...
  5. You could try using sand paper, but you run the risk of changing thier properties from Running Shoe to Sand Shoe.

    If you want to be really cool, don't forget to have one of your mates "christen" them by stamping on them leaving a dirty shoe print on them.

    Left shoe first. :wink:
  6. Aww come on!! Where's the fun in that?..sandpaper will do it...but nothing is better than seeing smoke pour off ya soles as you lay on the power.
    Sure it will shorten their life by a few hundred k's and it's a bit of a strain on the donk..but chuck a few smoking hoops in ya new runners and you get instant respect.
  7. Velcro for the win. Just got me a pair dunlop volleys from kmart. Still scrubbing them in.
  8. I forgot to mention that the schmick new runners are in the red/white/blue livery. Sure to impress the ladies down at my local Gym. I might whack the runners up on the dyno treadmill to see what sort of HP these puppies can put out at the rear sole.
  9. Once the chicken strips are gone the your ok
  10. I hear they've developed new solid rubber technology so that you don't have to monitor the air pressure. I've been thinking about changing mine soon and look forward to a full review when you get used the the wear!!
  11. the ladies will definitely be impressed... but unless you know how to use them, i'm afraid they'll be getting their pinkies out and waving it at you
  12. Thanks The Russ, I read about that tech. in Mens Health. You need to set your PU foam sag correctly first though. Otherwise you could bottom out and at worst HighAnkle. Ouch.

    I'll def. post up a review after a few 100 kays. I use an ALDI Pedometer so know how far I've travelled. Anyone know of some sites where I can get some bling orthotics?
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    Careful though. Don't rush the scrubbing in period.


    "So Rick, did one of your sandshoes blow out as many believe, or did you just f@ck up?"
    "No Darryl, I just f@cked up".
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    Ah, good ol' Rick... he also suffered some minor bruising to his body.
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  17. Have you tried sneaker warmers?
  18. A mate has them when he does his lunch time power walks. He says he can do the Hyde Park > Mrs Maquaries Chair > Opera House > Domain Loop in under 55 mins. He's running ASICS Tigers Size 10.5. I thought they were a bit noncy, but I'm sure they come into their own in Winter.
  19. just don't be a heel, and remember to buy shoes with soul