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how to screw over a good day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Had a good ride to work today, bit gusty in places, but better than being in the car. Had a great day at work, God was out all day, everything ran smoothly, no drama's, even managed to clean my desk up and leave work on time.

    Raining off and on, but I'm wet weathered up and got new tyres on the bike, Stud Rd is the normal traffic jam between Burwood Highway and Wellington Rd, but all's good, the rain has stopped, roads a bit greasy, slowly filtering through the traffic, folks are politely moving over to let me through.

    Then I met BLOKE.. VN or VP commodore, so faded I couldn't tell if it was shit red or crappy brown, had some sort of oriental writing on the boot lid and the word "ghost" on the drivers door... BLOKE apparently didn't like the idea that I could move through the traffic and he couldn't, so he waits till I get up beside him, drops the gears, gives it a rev and slides the arse out towards me. Then sticks his ugly bumfcuked face out the window and laughs...

    Too wet to play silly buggers so I drop back and take the opportunity later to get past and filter my way down to Wellington Rd, by know I figure I've left him behind.

    Wrong, I'm at the front of the grid at Wellington Rd when I see BLOKE take a left through the petrol station, a right back on to Wellington rd and then turn left up Stud Rd, so now he is in front of me again. Only this time he stops on the side of the road and when the lights change he takes off and stays beside a 4WD, making sure I couldn't get past. The angel on your shoulder says let him go, but the devil on the other shoulder is screaming out "payback".

    Finally got rid of this wanker at the freeway entrance, I stayed in the right hand lane until the last minute, then dived across to the left and onto the on ramp.

    Anyway I know this bloke hasn't got the intelligence to read, so he won't see this, but rest assured you prick, me and a few others have your rego and somewhere, someplace that little devil on my shoulder screaming "payback" is going to get satisfaction.

    p.s. anybody know the car I am offering a full tank of juice for info.
  2. I think he picked on the wrong person here!!!
  3. Full tank ey?
    Would that be regular...or...sniff...you know...the good shit?
  4. Shit I thought you were enjoying my little joke, sorry.
  5. Nasty... You have to wonder what makes these w@nk3r$ tick.

    Pretty noticeable car, I'm sure someone on this forum will see it and, ahh, give the guy a dirty look.

  6. :evil: WTF is with that behaviour!? did you have to brake hard to not hit his rear when he slid it out at you? if someone was that much of a f**k to me i'd probably use my shiney new carbon knucked gloves to destroy their window. evil.
  7. any braking in the wet can be a bit of fun, but being wet I wasn't going too hard, which is what really pisses me off, if I had been splitting at warp speed then maybe, just maybe, I might have understood him being pissed off...
  8. pure unadulterated jealousy, crappy old car vs shiny black bike, he's proably dragging himself home to an ugly, overweight wife and a dreary house, and you are everything he'd like to be, but knows he never can. Pitiful, but no excuse for homicidal behaviour on a wet road......
  9. Not good to hear mate, alot of people like that out there. I had someone open their door on me the other day. I dealt witht things the wrong way and as such fcuked myself over even more. So just be careful how you retalliate if you do get the info your after. Be smart about it :wink:
  10. You can bank on that Mik, I wasn't going to play on a wet and crowded road, isn't there on old saying about "revenge be a dish best served cold"

    still I got home safe, and maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and say "puckit" and let it go.. sshhhhhh little devil...stop whispering in my ear.."payback" "payback"
  11. what happened dude?
  12. hah I had a run in like this today, sort of.
    I was at some lights turning left, a car was infront of me, full of young people, maybe in their teens.
    They were all looking back, you know because bikes are so exciting and all.
    Anyway lights go green and off they go pretty fast, I gave it some to (yeh yeh I'm an idiot), I wasnt trying to race them or anything I just wanted to get moving, andway suddenly the car infront slams on its brakes, I braked and swerved to their left, so I was ok, but I looked into the car....I almost felt worried something was wrong for a second...but they were all just inside the car looking at me and laughing. Is this meant to be a practical joke? "HAHA kill the biker, that'll learn him"
    I wasnt too happy, but rather than beat some kid to death on a main road I just took off...
    so I kinda know how you feel, on another day that whole car load of idiots could have been in a bit of trouble... just like your pal in the VN is gonna be if you see him again (haha)
  13. his number plate was actually "BLOKE" ? :p
  14. 'WANKER' must have been taken :wink:
  15. Blitz: Morons.... But some young (and old I guess...) people just don't think things through. A while ago I was driving down a local road at 80 (the speed limit) and there were two young (13? 14?) girls standing in the middle of the road, I backed off not knowing what they were doing there (they had plenty of opportunity to cross), and as I got close one of them pretended to make a dash out in front of me. I jumped on my anchors pretty hard and swerved. Anything could have happened, I'd say it was as much luck as car control that I kept the car. As I looked in the rearview I saw them both killing themselves laughing. They took off when they saw me turning around, otherwise I'm sure the next guy coming past would have got as big a fright as I did. If they do it enough, they'll end up wrapping someone around a pole.

  16. There's lots of people out there trying to get their very own Darwin Award. Pity is, they can take others with 'em.

    I'm amazed/appalled by the "let's brake-test a biker" story, though. Worth getting the rego and heading straight to the nearest cop shop to report the driver.

    As for the guy on Stud Road today - well, you're sure to see him again if you drive that way regularly. What goes around comes around, right? :wink:
  17. mate.......your story and blitzkrieg's story has seriously left me speechless.....

    you guys are calm and cool to let them go..... to me, i would feel that they tried to kill me even though they may think it a joke; you guys coulda been hurt. makes me wish they made grenades which clip onto our jackets so we can throw em into cages who try to kill us and watch them fumble on the floor for a few seconds before they explode!! or am i taking it too far here?

    the thing that annoys me is that i know somewhere out there, someone on a bike has died/seriously injured cause other drivers were just "playing" with them like in your cases!!!
  18. Dont worry guys, what goes around, comes around, it will happen to them one day.
  19. Ever noticed how real class A1 dickheads are blessed with the worse luck and the shittiest jobs!!
  20. holy crap you guys are tame, I mean I'm the opposite of the people that go round starting shit. but just reading that and know that it happened to someone makes me want break windows and........ other things that won't be said on the internet.

    but how do you stay so calm when someone is purposly trying to f*ck with you and you could end up sliding along the ground. or into a power pole.

    If i see someone do something stupid and endanger someone else life, I no longer care about their life. if they scare someone and make them swerve and then they fall over i'll hit the brake but if i'm going quick i won't swerve off the road (depending what road)and risk my own life and others in my car or when i'm on my bike for someone like them. (anyone under 18 has an exception).

    maybe i've gone too far or just don't understand your logic?