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How to ruin a perfectly good days riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Plan a 400km trip through Canberra, Yass, Young, Boorowa, Gunning. Get the bike all geared up. Get up to Yass and fill the tank ready for a great trip. Get 10k's down the road, passing through a small town and I hear a huge "POP". Pull over and inspect the bike to find an enormous U shaped nail, about 5mm thickness, sticking neatly out of the rear tyre. Remove the nail to the expected and awful sound of air escaping rapidly from a very large hole in the tyre. How did I not see this on the road - it was rusty I guess.

    Get out the puncture kit - where's the f%^&ing rubber cement!!! Mmmm. Yass servo is 10k's away. Put the plug in with no glue, use my last set of gas cannisters to pump the tyre up and limp back to Yass. Doing 60 in a 110 with eyes glued to my mirrors ready to bail left should Ma and Pa 4WD-ers, asleep on the Hume Boreway, try to rearend me. Just as I'm pulling into the servo the back starts getting really messy. Check the pressure - 10psi. Lucky! Didn't have even another km in it. Pull the plug out, go into servo and shit hot - they have a tube repair kit with some rubber cement. New plug in with a shitload of cement on it. Wait 10 minutes to make sure it's set. Stand and watch 10 bikes pass with a quizical look on their face as they stare at the fully deflated tyre.

    Murrumbateman 15k's down the road. Will check the new plug there and top the air up. Get to Murrumbateman - no air at the servo!!! 40k's of nothin between here and Canberra....Bugger it. Pressure seems to be holding, give it a crack. Bike feels good all the way back, make it into a servo in outer Canberra and it has only lost 2 psi. Gotta love those puncture repair kits.

    Now the question, can the shop salvage the almost new tyre.
  2. 'could be worse... a woman could cut off your penis and toss it out the window of a moving car'

    Nah seriously man, a better sunday spent than hacksawing rusted bolts out of the frame of a 35 year old two stroke, although i must admit Roy and HG are hands down the most entertaining people on the planet. Good luck with the new tyre! I know what its like running into a bloody nail halfway through a trip.
  3. There is something iffy about the roads over there. I remember once in Canberra going around in the car and some a**hole dropped a whole box of nails on a corner. Punctured three tires, two of them beyond repair.

    Imagine if I'd hit it on the bike :eek:
  4. if its in the center of the tyre you can get a mushroom plug put in at the bike shop..

    i did a trackday at eastern creek last week with one in my rear tyre..
  5. Yeah, tyre should be able to be repaired.

    Tip: Carry a Phillips Head screwdriver and a large gauge screw. When the plug kit fails screw the screw into the hole and ride to the next servo ;)
  6. Sounds like a straight forward repair.
  7. Typical of Vic. Screw it , and it's fixed.