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How to rotate tyres on your cage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. spotted this on one of the news sites early this morning; youtube is driving people to ever-more incredible stunts :LOL:
  2. That's dangerous - they're not wearing hi-vis
  3. Can't see video at work. Does it show someone removing/replacing wheels on a car being driven on two wheels?

    If so, I first saw that stunt on a TV game/reality show in the UK 25 years ago so it's hardly a YouTube induced phenomenon.
  4. Nailed it Pat.
    Don't think I will ever see that over here. If the cops didn't get them, the NSW pot holes would!
  5. What's a car?
    Pointless, useless form of motoring......
  6. i wonder if there could do that on a bike
  7. oh good i was looking at rotating my cage tyres now i know how. Thank you so much.

    If anyone wants me i will be in the obituaries
  8. This guy can
  9. don't count the front is easy it's the back i want to see done