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how to ride a postie...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Gigi, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. kind of embarrassing to ask i know

    I start a job tommorow riding a postie and it didnt occur to me until today that being a relatively inexperienced rider the idiosynchrasies of the Ct110 could see me make a fool of myself on my first day as i have never ridden one and there has been no training provided. Mild concerns include;

    1) It has been years since ive used a kick-start, and never on a road bike. do u just give it some gas in neutral and give it a good kick?

    2) centrifugal clutch? wtf? there is no clutch lever but i assume i have to blip the throttle as per usual when shifting

    3) as a 4-speed, is 1st down from neutral then up in to second, third etc?

    4) I have read that ct100's have a second gear lever on the heel behind the peg or something?... WTF is the deal with that?

    Like i say, im not massively worried we go out on delivery runs in partners, but id rather not be a complete noob on the very first day. thoughts appreciated

  2. No idea how to ride a postie bike, but tip from a mate who's a postie - watch it on the corners when your side bags start to empty - corner too fast and over you go!!!
  3. These jiggers start easy with no throttle.
    Last time I rode one the shift was 4 down.
    Pin it to the throttle stop all day. You cant kill'em.

    Good luck.
  4. as for the gear lever, i think its on hinge type thing, so you use your heel and toe, like a big harley or something.

    so to go up a gear, rather than pulling up with your toe, you push down with your heel.

    i could be wrong.
  5. iiight heres the low down on the most beast of a bike ever

    kickstarting the posties are easy, just stomp the kickstarter and it will start. no throttle needed.

    you dont need to blip the throttle while shifting, just click up or down into gear. but dont click down a gear while you are going fast in high revs because you will lock up the rear wheel.

    its a 4 speed. Neutral is at the very bottom, N 1 2 3 4

    the postie has a "double ended" gear lever. theres an extended part under your heel so instead of putting your foot under the gear lever to change up a gear you can use your heel to push downwards and it will change up a gear.

    hope this helps, coming from a 15 year old ahaha
  6. yep that just about covers it i get it now. all the gears are in the same "direction" and can be considered up or down depending on whether you use the heel or toe. no worries.

    thanks for your replies
  7. I had a girlfriend once that was a 'postie' :p
    Sorry.. didn't take pics
  8. man i used to have a postie

    think of it as a normal road bike, just with no clutch.

    they arnt the nicest things to ride though. bit yucky

    kick star shouldnt be a prob.
  9. yeah a couple of honest days hard at it with the postie has taught me alot. thanks for all your comments and i am well and truly up to speed now. i get why there is a "heel shift", up shift on the toe peg are very er... "deliberate"... but i think i am too tall or something cos there is no way i can effectively use the heel lever its just in way too awkward a position, so i just make do. the brakes are a bit "cloudy" but the front brake lock mechanism is handy on hills. Kick starts are okay, but it can get annoying when the bike stalls in first, which it often does.

    But hey, its still fun flogging it on someone else's time
  10. wait 'til you work out the rubber band trick, you'll have your run done in no time, and be paid for drinking beer ;)
  11. pray tell this "rubber band trick"....
  12. Hey Gigi,

    I found this great page of info on the CT series


    Go to Tech info/operating/Driving a CT series

    How are you finding the postie job? I always wanted to give it a go, but everyone I've spoken to seems to hate it. Recommended?
  13. Yeah come on joel now we all wanna know...
  14. i'm perplexed. i'm assuming the new job is with australia post...shouldn't they provide training days through H.A.R.T before one is allowed to even commence work?
  15. You can and should blip the postie..

    when you shift down hold the gear leaver down, in this state its like having the clutch in, give it a rev then let go..

    my mate has 5 of them (gets them from the auction fixes them up and sells them) i had to ride his down to ringwood one day and blipping makes them so much more practical in traffic.
  16. the new job is NOT with australia post. its with a company that owns a bunch of community newspapers. so i just deliver them. So no comprehensive postie training. I think its better though i dont have to wake up earlier to sort the mail and because its papers not mail the order is irrelevent i dont have to worry about addresses etc. just up and down the street stuffing papers in letter boxes. there could be worse things. so far i enjoy it, the rest of the week i am studying at uni so i wanted an outdoor physical job for balance and its nothing if not that.
  17. yeh this is a cool site thanks