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"How to repair your motorcycle" by Charles Everitt

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by kols_kebabs, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Half the battle of owning a bike is learning how to fix the bloody thing. Increasing your understanding isn't always easy. Workshop/aftermarket manuals are light on the how and why, and are far from comprehensive in their maintenance info in my experience. There's a wealth of info on the net, but much of it is poorly explained and illustrated.

    New title "How to repair your motorcycle" is a godsend. Starts with the basics, but even experienced spanner heads can learn something here.

    From the very basic "oil and filter change", "Adjust your chain" etc... handy tuning info, such as "installing jet kits/power commander", "installing an exhaust" to the baffling arcane mechanica I've been hanging for, such as adjusting valves, servicing the carbs etc...
    Name a project, it's in this book.
    Fuel system, engine, electrical, cooling, drivetrain, suspension, frame, wheels, brakes, exhaust, cleaning. Yep, covered.

    How many motorcyclists truly know how to change a tyre? This should be mandatory reading for all learners. Even if you don't get into the heavy business, it'll give you a greater understanding of your machine and help you in the event of a breakdown.

    Nicely illustrated, and impressively comprehensive. Could have been improved with an explanation on fixing stripped threads and rounded bolts.

    As a supplement to your workshop manual, this is essential reading.
  2. OK, where is it available?
  3. A quick google search shows it up in places like

    dstore $33.45
    seekbooks $26.99

    I'd add links but apparently one needs five posts to post urls :? Add the dot com dot au to the end and maybe a www to the start to make it work :p

    Amazon ...

    They were just the first few I saw.

  4. There's also:

    101 Sportsbike Performance Projects - Evans Brasfield.

    And www.dansmc.com
  5. I picked it up on the shelf of my local Dymocks, which is shit as bookstores go, with no range. Didn't have to order it or anything. So it's available all good bookstores I guess.
  6. Thanks for the heads up K-K. I find working on bikes to be a very spiritual experience.
    I often find myself talking to God,
    I suffer from a rare form of stigmata where i bleed from the back of the knuckles,
    and when the kids aren't around I speak in tongues.
    Being able to quote from a good book would round it out nicely.
  7. :LOL: Very good.
  8. Pitstop Bookshop has it for $29.95 plus post...Lots of good books on motor sport here....look at Pitstop.net.au :)
  9. That does sound good.

    Good point on the "needs advice on stripped threads/bolts" thing. I reckon we'll have to do a spanner night on that one quick smart.