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How to repair paint damage?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by wixy, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. I was putting the fairing back on my bike and the washer twisted the paint off around it in a couple of places, so now i have some 2cm diameter areas on the fairing with no paint.

    Is there a particular kind of touch up paint that is best to buy to repair this damage? Is it better to brush the paint on or spray it on. Id wanna put some gloss over it as well i figure?
  2. Would these be the same 2cm areas that can't be seen because there is a washer over them? :?
  3. nah they can be seen very obviously now around the outside of the washer, its very ugly
  4. Bigger washers?

    Regards, Andrew
  5. So can anyone tell me is best to use brush or spray on paint?
  6. No real easy way dude. You'll have to feather out the edges, prime it up (spray) & get someone thats good at colour matching to respray & clear coat it for you.
  7. respray the entire fairing?
  8. Spray cans are good for retouching/coating large areas, brush type paints are best for minor chips/scratches since it's easier to build up paint depth in just one spot (also don't need to prep/mask a large area). Try some of the auto touch-up paints for something thats a close colour match and carefully brush it onto the areas damaged. Then when it's fully cured give it a good polish (ordinary auto polish works fine - no need for an electric buffer).
  9. Rip your fairings off and turn it into a naked street fighter!
  10. thanks for that reply, just what i was looking for. when u say polish, how? just by hand?
  11. See, the problem is, you are not looking for the right information. What you are looking for is the answer you want to hear.
    Is the bike painted a metallic colour? Origional paint or been resprayed? Its not the painting thats the hard bit. The colour matching is.
  12. Yeah Roarin's right, the quality of the finish will depend a lot on the colour of your bike and how well you can match it however for small scratches as long as it's a reasonably close match you should be fine (depends on just how visible the area is). As for polishing you can sometimes get away with just ordinary car polish, otherwise cut it back first by hand with a fine cutting compound - then polish.
    Edit: Just noticed the pics you posted up. Silver can be a tricky one since there's variation in the metallic fleck size but if you can find a car colour that's close you should still be fine (carparks are handy for this - park alongside them and see if it's a match).
  13. the bike has been resprayed, as far as i know it is gunmetal metallic silver. i have seen some gunmetal silver touch up paints so i will probably try those.
  14. Sorry to say mate, if its metallic its never going to match.
    Get some stickers and hide it best you can...