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how to remove ducati monster 796 restrictor kit with revits?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by LittleMc, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. hey guys
    i own a brand new ducati M796 and i want to remove the restrict kit, the only problem that i have is that it is with revits and not with bolts and i have to idea how to approuch it
    the pic of it attached
    hope you can help me


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  2. G'day & welcome! I presume you mean 'rivets' in which case you need to drill them out, but I'm advocating you take a drill to your carbs just yet!

    Are you sure it's restricted? & if so why? It wouldn't fall under LAMS at 796cc's... (Or are you in Britain?)

    Can we get a few more pics? Have you tried looking of a Ducati/Monster specific forum?
  3. Hey and thanks for the respond, I already removed it by bending the part that was stopping the full spin, this way I will be able to easily bend it back later :)
    I am from Israel, here we got 3 levels of licences, A2 - up to 250cc A1 - up to 500 cc and A - no limits, my duc is 803cc and it's been limited to 33hp to allow A1 owners to ride on it, as far as I know, removing the limitation will turn back on me only in case that the insurance company will check the bike in case of an acsident.
  4. Well I'll be - biking in Israel, huh?
    Sure are some interesting rules you got there too - an 803cc bike fits in to the <500cc category with a throttle stop?
    Welcome aboard LittleMc - if you get the chance, we'd all love to see some Israeli roads that you ride!
  5. I would love to see a photo of the bent restrictor, if you have time. cheers
  6. I'd love to understand how a 796 Duc lump (803cc) with a throttle body restrictor only make 33hp :confused: ???
  7. Put that on your list.
  8. Tick.......

    Ya can't troll me mate.....

    Fair play.....not gunna happen :D