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How to remove burnt nylon pants off pipes???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by SilverXVS650A, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi netriders

    This morning I have burnt my wet weather pants onto my pipes "yeah I know I'm a D#$% head" im not sure if they are crome or stainless steel...they are cobra slashcuts.

    Can anyone give me suggestion on how to take it off my pipes???
    Autosol is abrassive so I wont be using that.

    I do have Motul Polish and wax.

    I'm at work atm so am trying to figure out how to do this.

  2. wouldnt the nylon go hard when burnt? should be able to pick it off
  3. Thanks heaps Willzah never thought of that.
    Since I bite my finger nails maybe a job for my lady in the morning :LOL:
  4. Lol, x2. I'd say bake it a while then get creative tapping it off.
  5. Try any of the spray on oven cleaner products - Mr Muscle etc. Apply when pipes are cool. Leave for a while. Wash off, then follow up with your metal polish of choice. Works well & won't damage the chrome.
  6. Thanks for the tips...just wondering does Mr Muscle have caustic soda??? wouldn't that damage the chrome???
  7. if its solid cooked on, pick it off, if its gooey i say try to wipe it of, then move up with chemicals. Id try metho, wd40, car wash, kero, light oven cleaners to heavy duty stuff. read labels of stuff before you use. then read them again.

    ooo, chewing gum remover?
  8. If you try picking it off, it'd be worth using a plastic scraper I reckon - so you can chip away at it with some force, but know the scraper will damage b4 the chrome does.
  9. Yeah it's solid as can be.

    Looks like i'll be sitting down beside my pipes in the morning and doing some chipping, chipping, chipping away....or my lady who has long nails!!! hehehe :grin:
    Now I'm thinking a ruler? or paddle pop stick?

    Once again thanks for all your input.

    Long live Netrider :)

  10. might leave some funky residue... or a mark where it was.

    gona gave to give that elbow a grease when your done chipping it of with a polish
  11. Yah it come off!!!!!!!!!

    Motul wash and wax and the good old chop stick the thick end and of course with a bit of elbow grease.

    Sprayed the Motul on left it on for 30mins then got the chop sticks out that I used last night eating my chilli chicken :grin: sitting there thinking of a plan of attack this moring and thought hmmmm chop stick hard yet soft. :cool:

    Thanks heaps everyone for you thoughts and input.

  12. We love a happy ending.
  13. We do. Despite the slightly higher cost.