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How to remove Brake Pad Dust

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by BOB88R, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Hi NRians, does anyone knew how to remove the 'hardened' brake pad dust from the rims? I used kerosene to remove some of the dust in front and rear rims. Previous owner didn't gave TLC to my new ride.



    Note: Not sure if this is the right Forum for this question.
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  2. Is that a painted rim or is the colour in the magnesium? If its painted the crap has probably etched into the paint, if it's pitted into the mag I don't like your chances of getting it off completely. Try googling the problem perhaps. God luck and good to see you are going to make it a good home.
  3. Usually that cheap orange tinned EXPORT degreaser from SCA. But since im still boycotting their ass unless they are the only ones who have what i need, whatever is cheap at autobarn.
    If its pitted, get some AutoSol metal polish and be nice and gentle with it, should come up ok.
  4. I'll give it a try. Hoping will have time tomorrow arvo.

    Mr Messy will the Autosol metal polish applicable to the coloured rims. i.e., it won't damaged the colour. I assumed rims are made of aluminium (i'm a noob).
  5. I blv its a factory painted rim. That's what I also thought, if the dust is already etched or pitted, it will be very very hard to removed it.

    I also thinking of trying to use steam, but not sure if it will damage the paint.
  6. piss on it ,wait 1 minute,then lick it off
  7. If it's factory it's more likely to be anodised than painted (anodising being the process where the oxide film that forms on the aluminium is dyed). Anodising does tend to be more durable, in which case you might be able to use an aerosol brake cleaner (which will definitely remove brake dust).

    But I'd definitely start with the degreaser first.
  8. Mag wheel cleaner from a car place like Auto Barn or Super Cheap.
    Spray on, allow to soak for a minute or two, scrub off with a nylon bristle brush and water.
  9. You could try posting a new thread with something in the title about paint repair, there might be someone here who can give some advice. If not perhaps see if there is a friendly panel shop around you they might be able to give you some advice as well.
  10. just buy new discs bro.
  11. :shock: Hell no, that's probably one of the worst things you could do to an anodised rim. Most usually have a thin clear coat to protect against formation of the "white salt" you often see on old engines, and steel wool will very quickly cut through this (plus any remnant bits of steel will corrode and cause even more staining).

    Non abrasive acids are the best thing to use on aluminium.
  12. Sure thing Mr Metallurgy Consultant

  13. Is that an R1 wheel?
  14. Hey steel wool boy FFS pull your head in.
    Can that be deleted, it might just confirm it for another idiot.

    There is this stuff called brake clean...all the discount auto stores have it. Made for just this thing. Rotors, calipers as well. can spray it strait on your brakes to without worries.

    Spray it, leave it 5 minutes and gurney off. Even gets rid of brake squeal for a while
  15. That rotor looks like its been around the
    Block a few times
  16. You've been pushing your way through the masses to try and win the king bonehead of Netrider crown ever since your linkage hole thread. I think you just got there. Congratulations. Your prize is in the mail.

    JD is one of the most scientifically knowledgeable people on the forum. The fact that he regularly disappears is our loss. As Bretto said, pull you're head in you muppet.

    As for the thread, I've found the 3 in 1 citrus stuff to be a bit weak, I'd try Chemtech ct18, about $20 a bottle, its not acid based just a super detergent. It gets off any unwanted crud, you could perform a triple bypass with that stuff.
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