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How to remove Bar End

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Ricksters68, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Hi Netrider Buddies :)

    Does anyone knows how to take off the bar ends of VTR 250? I just bought this bar end accessories and when I went home, I tried to pull, twist and use flat screw driver to pull it out of the handle bar end and still have no luck.
    The guy at the bike shop counter said it only takes 5 mins to replace it....yeah right. :mad: Maybe if you know what you doing I supposed.

    If anyone can help it would help me get out of my frustration.


  2. Isn't there like a hex at the end of the bar ends? Use an allen key?
  3. Depends on the bar ends.

    they usually have a screw/bolt/alenkey screw that goes right through to the back and attaches to a peice that pulls into the bar end making it wider.

    I took the screw out of mine, and used a small flat blade and hammer and gently tapped the barend out from the small edge on the bar end.

    As it has been jammed against the bar they are a bit tough to get initially started, mine where aluminium so a bit rusted as well, but they will eventually pop out, so just give them a few "love taps" with the hammer and flatblade from the bar side out.
  4. Soak em in hot water - apart from heating/expanding the metal it serves to loosen any loctite (or whatever) that may be on there.