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How to remove bad karma?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. I have a bunch of bad Karma and i want it gone...

    Friday... told i need to find a new job.. oh fun :evil:

    Last night after Tafe and talking about the heat..... I'm just leaving with jacket on and helmet in hand when i get told "You're gonna die out there!" meaning the heat..... I stopped turned and said "gee thanks". As if traffic is not bad enough on its own.

    This happened to anyone else.... or do people just not think about whatt hey say? (duh!!)

    So how do I deal with this karma that has been applied to me...... free to good home
  2. Send it up here, Drew, I don't believe in that animistic rubbish, so it won't effect me :LOL:
  3. Depending on who you speak to about it people have diferent views of Karma.
    One view is you make it yourself, now i can't coment on the being retrenched, but you pointed out that the "Your going to die out there" coment was about the heat and you just took it the wrong way.
    Karma is as much about your outlook on life. You could look at being retrenched as bad, or you could look at it as being a challenge and an oportunity. (I know that challenge and oportunity doesn't tend to help pay the bills in the short term)
  4. discussion on heat had been over for some time.....

    it was just the comment was made just as i waas leaving.

    well i got home ok...
  5. make a list off all the bad things you have done to people, then move into a cheap hotel, with your brother..... a knocked up chick that you used to be friends grow a mo and buy a pickup.... then go round crossing things off your list..... Works for Earl :LOL:

    I can just see it now..... MY NAME IS DREW :LOL: :p
  6. good thing i don't have a brother or ever "knocked up" anyone. :LOL:

    and if i grew a mo.....errch.. tried that once

    guess i'll just avoid lanesplitting for a day or 2
  7. Drew, a guy at work said similar things to me the other day.. I said to him, If I die out there, would it make you happier? Don't you have better things to say... if you don't.. then fxxk off.. :LOL: He realised he said the wrong thing and apologize..
  8. Yes!... Crisitunity! [/Homer]

    How can human determined moral actions define interaction with a supernatural cosmos while completely lacking instruction from it?

    Seems unfair.

    Buy a scratchie, and if you lose - be thankful you didn't get a papercut :grin:
  9. My karma's been nothing short of shitty lately mate so I can't help. :(

    The important part is, don't let karma spook your riding. Falling off isn't as bad as it sounds, and better than other ways karma can bite you. It's a pain picking up broken bits of fairing but you ride a naked so it's all good. :)
  10. :WStupid:

    Oh, and Seany, about that sig of yours.... go to www.myspace.com/suadevoices
  11. If you find a way let me know, I've got some ordinary stuff, that i would be happy to offload.
  12. Karma and luck are what you make of them... and you make your own luck. If you go around thinking bad things will happen then not only do you not appreciate the good things that happen but you'll probably talk yourself into the bad things.
  14. Thanks Loz. :)

    The sig's just my way of appologising for being a tad short and blunt with a few people.

  15. Yeah it is... it bloody hurts!! even with all my gear on!!

    no fairings but the radiator is wider than the tank. lucky i just scratched the exhaust.

    i think my karma/luck/life enrgies/bulls#it level is about even.... had some horrid stuff go on but also a few good things.

    oh and ktulu.... i didn't win anything :)..... so everyhting must be right again
  16. You'll be right Drew, you've had worse. A small oopsie just means you're trying, so there's no need to be spooked. :)
  17. Karma is a beautiful thing. Like a log book holding all of your right and wrong doings which definatley attracts the majority of what it holds.
    Dont worry though keep playing your cards and your fate will decide the outcome.
    Life isnt fair and a bunch of twisting words can only affect you for a limited time if at all... But everything happens for a reason so study things to see them clearly like a warrior.
  18. yeah the oopsie was the day after i got it.. but i was fine after a couple of weeks or so when the bruised ribs went away.

    no recent mishaps.. was just the comment was kinda out of the blue.

    oh well on with the job hunt :evil:

  19. Don't worry, it probably good luck like "break a leg" for actors.

    Riding home from the Myster ride last week, some chick walked up to me at the lights and said "I hope you fall off." :shock: I replied, "I hope I take you out if I do." :cool: :LOL:
  20. just hope her car drops a valve or something nice like that :)