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How to remove air intake snorkel and debaffel a muffler

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ltflippy, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I am new to moding my bike and would like to remove the air intake snorkel and de baffel the muffler. I ride a Hyosung GT250R 2007 model and i was told that this might ad a little power and make the muffler a little louder so that i am more noticable on the road.
    Can any one tell me how to de baffel the muffler or remove the air intake snorkel or point me in the right direction of where i can find out.

  2. Your bike has a snorkel?
  3. Who told you that?

    It can be true to a certain extent, but it could also result in a very lean condition, likely to damage you engine.

    Companys spend a lot of money on R&D (maybe not Hyosung, but they may have ripped a design off from a company who did a lot of R&D!), airbox design in particular, so personally I wouldn't mess with it. Your not likely to find any noticable power increases anyway, IMHO.

    If you did do it, you would need to re jet & retune afterwards, if you can't do that yourself, you may end up with a very big bill for not a lot of gain.

    A slip on muffler will make a difference to the sound, try www.megacycle.com, you may still need to re-jet the carbs though.

    Also, do some searching on here, it has been covered a lot.

  4. ok thanks, yeah i have been doing other research and it seems that messing with the airbox is more trouble than it is worth. thanks
  5. Good call. Owners of EFI model VFR's (2002 onwards) regularly remove the snorkel without harmful effect because the ECU compensates. Note I said "harmful" effect. There is no BENEFICIAL effect either except the subjective one of making the induction roar sound louder and fooling you into thinking that you're going faster. :roll: