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NSW How to register stolen off road motorcycle

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Ashley Eksteen, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Hi, how and where can I register my stolen off road motorcycle?

  2. Local cop shop
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  3. Your local pet-troll station.
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  4. Apparently it's also courteous to introduce yourself here.
  5. Here is an observation. Why would you want to register your stolen motorcycle?

    You actually need to have the motorcycle to register it. No good registering it for the thief.
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    Hi Ashley. If you've had a bike stolen this forum is to alert other riders to look out for it. Put as much detail as you can about your bike in a thread in this forum and members might look out for it. That is what is meant by "stolen bike register".
  7. Fill us in with more details about this, such as what, when, where, how, who etc so that we can all keep an eye out on your behalf.

    You could also try listing it here; http://www.stolenmotorcycleregister.com/

    Hope you get it back and the crims get caught.
  8. Off road bikes can't be registered unless they have a compliance plate attached and are fitted with Lights, Indicators, Horn, Mirrors and brake lights. The RMS has a list of bikes that can be registered. Check their list to make sure your bike is on the list.

    Unless you mean, posting the theft on this sight so that other riders can keep an eye out for it. In which chase, use the search at the top for the Stolen Bike Register and post the details on this site.
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