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How to recognise a dodgey buyer...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I didnt want to hi-jack the 'too good to be true...' thread... but its kind of along the same idea...

    How do we recognise a dodgey buyer?

    Anyone got any tips or experiences?
  2. Id be more worried about dodgey sellers myself.
  3. when their first question is 'can i take it for a test ride'
  4. Always try to get a land line phone number from people, then call them back on it before giving them an address for an inspection if caller id fails.
    This usually defeats the standard Trading Post get the address, then steal it later scam.
  5. tip - C.O.D for ALL sales only.

    No bank chqs, personal chqs, money orders. Nuffin' but cold, hard, countable, bankable, folding stuff!
  6. if they want to take it for a test ride do two things:

    1. take their licence!
    2. get them to sign a pice of paper saying that if they crash the bike they agree to buy it for the asking price or pay for the damages.
  7. That they stole from some guy who looks like them, perhaps with a beard..........

    if they ever even come back.........

    IMHO this is BAD practice and heavy potential for losing your bike.
  8. I've been given a fake licence for a test drive in a car I was selling. More bad stuff happened from there, long story (but has a happy ending for me, mwahahahaha)

    I have also developed a technique for spotting dodgy buyers/sellers, but it's politically incorrect :p
  9. and I would never buy a bike without test riding it unless it was not going and I was paying an appropiate price... there is no win win here... there has to be some trust somewere...
  10. Talk to them. Have a good chat first about bikes, what riding they do, what bikes they have had in the past, why they want your bike etc. etc.

    You can usually get a good indication about them by their answers.

    I take a digital pic of their licence, back and front, a pic of them and the bike, car they arrived on. Generally a real rider understands and is happy with this. A dodgy dude generally doesn't like to leave their picture with you.

    I also make sure my insurance policy covers other riders and let them know if they bend it, they buy it.

    This still won't screen the best crooks but will probably deter 90% of the bad ones!
  11. I guess if someone turns up get a deposit off them for the test ride? if they dont have the dosh they aint gonna buy anyway. as well as licence etc.
  12. fuggen oath, a coulpla hunjy and their significant other is generally enough to deter a dodgy buyer.
    demand some security or NO RIDE.

    save yourself some heartache ;)
  13. If they want a test ride tee up someone else who has a bike and follow along with them.
  14. I sympathise with seller's desire not to see their bike disappear into the sunset, but as a (potential) buyer I've got to tell you - there's no way on this earth I'd buy a bike without test-riding it first. Asking for a test ride doesn't mean I'm dodgy - it means I'm sane!
  15. I would just make sure they had left a car or something there, or you know... Thier missus for collateral... For insurance purposes of course ;) Nick their licence while they are riding make sure they got some of the little bills with numbers on them that say they are cold hard aussie currency. That photo is a good idea tho.
  16. If they walk to your address and theres no vehicle in sight, usually only 1 person, no friends = dodgy.

    Vagely looking over the bike, not too concerned and rushing to ask politely for a quick test ride.

    asking where it's kept and if it's locked up (blanketed excuse being curious of it's condition from weather) = how to steal it

    basic tips from my perspective -

    don't jabber on having a friendly chat about your shitty work hours, who else lives here, etc. - if they're dodgy, they'd be planning a time to come knock it off

    subtly include information (true or false, no matter) about your big arse dog that shares the backyard with it, your alarmed disc lock you picked up for cheap off a mate, that your older brother is always home and keeps the bike in good running order when you don't have time to ride it, about your cop neighbour who also rides a similar bike, etc.

    when the buyer comes to take a look, have the bike already locked up like a fortress (disc lock front and rear, locked garage, or chained to a post or something) and have all the keys on 1 keyring (not with your bike keys).

    if you're overly suss, have a friend visit you and the buyer while you're having a chat, have the friend say something like "hey *your name*, i'm back" and walk inside - in worst case senario's it'll put off someone that's been scouting your house to see who lives there.

    Preferably, meet the buyer somewhere else. - A public place is a pretty obvious "i don't trust you" sign, so instead - ride to a friends house and have that as the address to visit. Not a friend that rides obviously because if they want to pinch a bike and think this is your address - you want them to come back later to find no bike at all.

    Maybe I helped, but i'm overly tired and no doubt included many spelling mistakes, night!
  17. Sometimes you just get a good/bad vibe from the buyer

    The guy who bought my CB250 didn't even test ride it. he just wanted me to start it, he said "yeah I know how these things ride, it's got the dodgy 'no neutral' problem has it?", he sat on it & then handed me a deposit & picked it up 2 days later!

    But I got a good vibe from the guy

    By contrast, I've had people call that I could tell were dodgy just from the phone conversation. I never gave them my address.
  18. Just be careful with someone turning up with a bank cheque...

    Story Here
  19. There was the scam of the guy leaving his dog, that wasn't really his dog, as collateral... but a wife or girlfriend is probably a bit safer. (And besides, if he runs off, do you know what those things are worth, even second hand?)

    /me just slaps himself to get it over with