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how to protect steel wheels from rust/tar/etc?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sinnerman, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    My bike has steel wheel rims, which I'm having a hell of a time keeping clean and rust/tar free.

    Unfortunately, I have to keep my bike parked on the road, so it's bound to get wet, which I think adds to the problem.

    When I first noticed this problem, I thought the rims were actually rusting -- there appeard to be rust blooms all over the rim. However, with a chrome poslish, and hard rubbing, I was able to remove most of the blemishes. Now, I think it's not the wheel that's rusting, but probably brake dust, plus some road tar, etc. mixed in.

    Unfortunately, that first cleaning didn't last long, and I find the apparent rust coming back within a few days. And, it seems to be getting harder to clean. The last time I did it, the chrome polish didn't seem to be working, so I used a kitchen sink lightly abrasive sponge, which worked much better.

    So basically, I'm sick of having to clean the wheels. Does anyone know of any method/product which will protect the wheels?

    BTW, I should have mentioned that the rust blooms also appear on the handlebars, so perhaps it's not brake dust after all. But still, I don't think the steel is actually rusting, since I'm able to clean it off with just some hard scrubbing.

    Any ideas?

  2. You could paint/clear coat them :|
  3. Rust really doesn't take that long to set in on polished steel - on mild steel polished to a mirror finish you can see corrosion forming in just a couple of minutes in the presence of water droplets. Really the only option you've got is to coat the wheels with something, powder coating or galvanising/chroming is best but expensive, otherwise just paint them. Polishing with something like Autosol will protect them to an extent but only if you want to spend every weekend polishing your rims.
  4. Only option is to paint them, well thats if you dont want to polish them every weekend..