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How to properly clean your iPod earphones

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Come home from work, think.......I'm going to impress her, put on a load of washing.

    4 work shirts laying there, grab them, throw them in the wash.

    Remove clothes once wash complete and locate said earphones.

    Insert, test, working, good-o :rofl:
  2. Just don't let them go in the dryer. It will smash the casing, it did in my case
  3. Beats lickin em clean......eeeewwww :shock:
  4. Surely the best method is to ensure your ears are clean every time you insert them?

  5. This is a much better guide than that one about properly removing a power supply from a PowerMac G5 :)

  6. While usually I would not post a link to another forum, well, we all do stupid shit sometimes:

    Me trying to use a vacuum cleaner HERE.
  7. Ha ha ha ha...

    At least you didn't suck a spider into it and then spray fly spray down the nozzle to kill it... resulting in vacuum cleaner explosion :) And no, that wasn't me... something I read somewhere once.
  8. Nice of you to give Apple a good plug, Vic :LOL:.