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How to progress from learner to license?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Digitalwingx, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Got my learner permit a few months ago, wasn't very confident and had an accident a few weeks ago. I think I need to be very careful about to progress from a learner to license.

    Have been driving cars for a few years sometimes I think the experiences I got from driving cars makes riding a motorcycle more difficult, although it helps to notice road condition faster it's more about the cornering on bike is so different.

    So the question as a total noob of riding, what's the best/safest way to progress?

  2. Practice , practice , practice.

    I dont think your car experience would make the transition to bikes difficult. Imagine jumping on a bike and having no road experience at all? Now that would be difficult!

    On the flip side , after riding a motorcycle I find it makes me a far better car driver in terms of anticipation , safety and general road awareness.
  3. Been asked and answered a lot - check out some previous posts.

    See if you can link up with some learners or a mentor in the area.

    Take it easy - practice in low traffic times first. When your more confident increase the difficulty and vary the conditions.

    What bike do you ride? How old are you / long have you been driving cars?
  4. Yea driving experience is benefical, but I got this habit of braking while cornering (sometimes) when driving cars, which is not too bad on a car but on a bike I had an accident because of it.

    Driving cars for about 8 years, riding a bike for about a few months.

    And also I think compared to driving a car, riding a bike is just sooooooo much more dangerous, but often my mind is still in semi-car-mode that doesn't realize how exposed I am when riding.
  5. GPX250R, late 20s, about 8 years of driving cars
  6. this semi-car-mode that you speak of is the problem. car mode should not exist.

    if anything, riding a motorbike should ideally transfer motorbike-mode on to the car driving as well, NOT the other way around. you need to be alot more aware of everything on the bike, as you have probably noticed. what do you think about while riding? what goes through your head? try a running commentary in your head, of everything you observe, and predict, and what actions you may need to take if predictions are correct, and what else if theyre wrong, etc.

    its amazing how much thought you need to put into riding, please dont ever go out there in car mode, for you will only get hurt again. apply for your Licence test when you feel you are capable of passing the requirements, be that now or later on. but mainly, get out there, and practice, practice practice. more kms = more experience. dont do 50km a week. do 500.
  7. When you do your L's over here in SA you get a great hazard perception DVD. Plenty of videos that pause and ask you to "click on" hazards, then explain them all.

    REAL eye opener for 90% of people (unfortunately). I could image it and host it online...
  8. To be fair and not wanting to sound harsh on the OP , after driving cars for 8 years you really should be able to spot hazards.
  9. Never said I couldn't...
  10. Its a different ball game on a bike. Hazards that simply dont affect cars as much can end your life on a bike.
  11. Grow some stubble. It helps.
  12. do the P's course.
  13. Do the P's Course NOW before you have to wait 3 years to get your fulls.

    my first licence was my Bike... and that made me a better Driver also Rider.
    i use my mirrors more and this riding experience force me to turn my head every time i wanna change lanes, merge, move out of drive ways.
  14. By P's course you mean the license course? For example, this one?
  15. Did that last year!
  16. Read, Read, Read, heaps of good stuff on this forum, and lots of good video clips on youtube. Also get out and practice, practice, practice. The Learner Nights on Tuesday are great!!!! You can go at your own pace and ask heaps of questions. I actually found it hard converting to a motorbike from riding a bicylce a lot. You have to forget your bicycle habits such as pushing down on both levers (I did this on the course and dropped the bike) :LOL: Also not riding on the far left of the lane.

    Found from having driven a car for over 20 years really helped me to know to keep out of other cars blind spots.

    There is a lot to learn and it is very challenging, every road is a new challenge especially where I live. There is a road nicknamed the "mad mile".
  17. Digitalwingx,

    Like everyone is saying, practice is all that is required. As others have also suggested, doing a HART course, or something similar goes 1000 miles in terms of further experience and confidence gained.
    However, the real experience you will get is by getting out there on the roads and practising correct methods, evaluating to yourself how you can improve every ride.
    We have all been where you are at this stage of your riding, and looking back, I'm sure everyone of us in here can recall daunting moments.
    Be positive with your manoeuvres, confident with your decisions and prudent with your learning..and you'll be just fine.
    Best of luck to you and wishing you safe and enjoyable riding adventures :)

    PS - When is your P's test scheduled for ? Get the 'L Plate Monkey' off your back and book it in ASAP.