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How to price my bike for sale?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by WantFreedom, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    I'm heading overseas early next year and looking to sell my bike soon as I have never sold a bike before I'm not sure how to price it as I have had alot of work done on it mechanically for it to now be a very reliable bike great for a learner. I was thinking around $1500 which would include Rego, RWC

    Its a Honda CB250 - 1995 - 53718km - Luggage Rack and Bag - Will have about 3-6 months reg left depending when sold expires in June 2017. It's been maintained by Mad Biker with all receipts of work will come with RWC. Pretty much the whole bike is new lol has a few dents and rust spots which would be normal for a bike this age.

    It's last service was in 31 March 2016 with minimal km's since as was to cold to ride lol but some things done where

    - New front and rear tyres
    - New X-Ring Chain
    - Rear Brake Shoes
    - Steering Bearing

    I have attached the copies of work done I'm not sure if this makes a great deal of difference to the price or not but obviously someone will get a awesome learner bike that will require very minimal attention in the future.

    Would love your suggestions or thoughts to help me determine a price.



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  2. Look on bikesales.com.au for the same bike
    Look at prices, compare your mileage, accessories and condition, fit yours into the observed range of prices.
    Set it lower to ensure it sells quickly, set it higher to get more of your money back and a slower sale.
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  3. What happened to the seat?
  4. #4 WantFreedom, Oct 15, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2016
    It was altered by the previous owner but I kept it as is as its comfy more padding :)

    Not many bikes simlar its more a Gumtree free ad sale I think there is quite a lot of price difference across the board with these bikes I'm noticing .
  5. Not sure if this will help but just for reference I sold my CB250 (2003) with around 23,000km recently for $3000. It also had new tyres, new battery and the steering bearing replaced. Close to $900 of recent work including the RWC. I went through Gumtree and it took a bit over a month from posting that ad to dropping off the bike.

    I actually listed it for $2700 and the buyer offered to contribute the value of the tyres. He was a new rider and seemed comfortable paying a little more because I was upfront and the bike was well taken care of. I was like this when I bought the bike too! Overall I was very happy with how the sale went.
  6. What do you think its worth?
  7. Its good to see someone appreciates that its been looked after that would be my angle! as some of the CB250 I see you wonder about them mechanically.

    WIth the Rego & RWC included i'd probably be happy with $1500 - $1700 I think I'd be pushing it to get anymore considering if you see a later model with less km's for $2000 most people would be inclined to choose that one for the extra few hundred.
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  9. Yeah Maybe $1700 then I can accept $1600 or $1500 as I know that's what people will offer lol
  10. mate I probably agree about the gumtree option.

    I'm no expert but my guess would be you might get $2k as top dollar for this given what's on bikesales.com.au - probably $1500-1800 - advertise it as the 'perfect cheap leaner's bike' $2k negotiable and see how you go. 6mths rego would help get it sold otherwise you may have to trim the price back a bit further. good luck!
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  11. List it for $2k with rwc and say your open for offers...some uni student will snap it up if you sell it early in the new year. Throw in a jacket and set of gloves and its almost a sure thing.

    Its a very practical clean bike, full maintenance and ready for commuting on day one, not much else around that pricepoint.
    From the 10 or so bikes and cars I've sold people are not scared to offer you a lesser price, I'd never list at the price I actually wanted to sell it.
    I've found gumtree more of a problem then its worth with deadbeats offering you $500 for it, bikesales everytime for me.
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  12. agree about gumtree - lots of unreliable buyers and plenty of lowballers
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  13. You can compare it with other bikes on bikepoint and the like, but don't forget to take into account year model and mileage as they are key factors in pricing.
  14. The other thing about comparing prices on bikesales to work out what your bike is worth, is that you aren't comparing sell prices, so these aren't indicative of a bikes actual value. A buyer can ask anything they want. For example: http://www.bikesales.com.au/private/SSE-AD-3716704/2002-Suzuki-GSX-R1000/?cr=0&psq:-((((((SiloType=[Brand new bikes available]|SiloType=[Brand new bikes in stock])|SiloType=[Dealer used bikes])|SiloType=[Demo & near new bikes])|SiloType=[Private used bikes])&(Make=[Suzuki]&Model=[GSX-R1000]))&Service=[Bikesales])&pso=0&pss=Premium