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How to Pass Your MOST Test + Sexy Lady

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hamsandwhich, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I wanted to help the learners out there so I did a motovlog explaining the NSW MOST test (we have to do to it in NSW get our red Ps):

    I also uploaded the RAW footage of my actual MOST test as a few people requested it:

    Hope it helps.
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  2. Hmmmm, must practice my U-turns some more. I doubt I could do U-turns that tight any more :nailbiting: 300+kg bikes make for going around the block instead of U-turning :whistle:
  3. Same here & mine's only 230kg!! :ROFLMAO:
  4. I skimmed through the video earlier - there was no sexy lady....you should be ashamed of yourself OP.
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  5. 7' 44"
  6. are you SURE your not gay ?

    lol at killing people , pretty sure that isnt acceptable , but maybe if you keep upright without putting a foot down.
  7. just watched the hart test thing , wow you dont have to do tight figure 8 turns
    like us in S.A.
    full lock figure 8 in a box is the rider safe test.
  8. It was only a few frames though and she was a bit overdressed.

    I'd be expecting a slow ride with lots of head panning along the beach in Manly with that video title.
  9. yeah and thats from a cream puff !
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  10. ^^ as above

    this is the internet....not primary school - a sexy lady is not 2 seconds of riding past some lady in a skirt
  11. lol don't let that detract from the second video OP ...good work there...any info always helps learners (y)
  12. I ditto 87's comment....

    as a brand new learner it's good to see what skills need to be worked on!
  13. Not available to view on mobiles
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  14. I've paused at 7.42. She is pretty fit...
  15. Yeh, pretty fair job and commentary from the OP. His singing sucks though. :p

    I'm a bit surprised by NSW's ebrake and eswerve test - ride up to the cones then perform the selected move. It's been some time since I've seen a P test, but we had a light box and a random left, right or stop... we just knew something was going to happen, just not what.

    The insights into the on road ride were interesting too. The NSW system is set to become the national bench mark... I must say, I was expecting something a butt load better... but I guess any on road component is better than none **looks sideways at Victoria's system**