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How to pass the Motorbike test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by s050399b, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. It looks like it's a test in high speed (30km/hr) cornering, and swerve test?

  2. There is nothing high speed about the test in Vic (it sounds like you are describing the vic provisional test).

    If this is the vic provisional test the best way to pass it is to go to the class, atm they are geared to train you on how to pass the test and not much else.
  3. yeah, went for the class and didn't make it for the test.

    I wasn't used to doing cornering / leaning at such angles~ where can i practise cornering/leaning at bigger angles?
  4. Find a large deserted roundabout
  5. What a surprise... this is the "scooter" rider who was asking about freeway lane splitting and scrubbing tyres before they even had a license. Wouldn't listen to us then, probably wont know.

    You can't practice lean angles. You learn to corner and the lean angle is a result of physics... but since you're sooooo smart and live by the almighty google, you'd know that already yeh?
  6. 30kph is not high speed
  7. If you have been riding between getting your L's and the time to get your license you should have most of the skills to pass the license test anyway.
  8. Best way to pass is to practice. Sorry I couldnt resist answering the obvious troll Q with a troll A. I tried, honestly.

  9. sigh...........kudos for the good memory though,
    anyways, I don't usually lean so much and don't go much around the corner with "high speed" swerve.

    I'll try to do that next time I go into a round about; accelerate as much as I can, and lean like the picture on the left "2010 Grandprix" adv.
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    Post up the pix when you do. Cheers.
  11. I can't work out if this bloke is for real or if he's just having an Andy Millman.

    I'm inclined to believe he is for real, and that's a scary bloody thought.