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How to park a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by keladonic, May 29, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, i just got my first bike last weekend (honda vtr250) she's a beauty and i can't wait for my next ride!

    I've some questions about parking a bike (i've done my best to search for this topic on the forums, but couldn't find anything. my apologies if it is a double up).

    basically, i understand for street parking, most riders recommend backing into the gutter on an angle. but i live in melbourne and i see 90% of bikes are parked on the footpaths.

    My question is, what is the best way to get up onto the footpath where you want to park? do you ride it to the nearest crossover/ramp and ease it alongside pedestrians into the spot? or do you put a bit of throttle in and go up the kerb? My gut tells me the crossovers are the way to go as i've seen a guy in vietnam ride his scooter into a concrete column trying to mount a kerb with poor throttle control.
  2. Yep, the ramp is the way to go. If the kerb is low enough you may want to mount it, but you can ruin your tyres if not careful.
  3. I always go up the ramp, but, depending on the height of the kerb, will sometimes come down over the kerb itself.

    Good luck with the VTR - I ride one too (until 29/6 anyway); they're awesome.

    Check out the Saturday learner thread and come along. You'll meet some great people, and might even learn something!

    ETA: In VIC, unlike other states, it's legal to park on the footpath, however we shouldn't block the path or park near building walls etc.
  4. Hi,

    I use the ramp to get on an off the footpath.

    One thing I would suggest if I may is think about where you are going to be parking most of the time and go and have a look before hand and work out how you are going to get on and of the footpath before you turn up on the bike.

    I have only been riding for 3 months but one of the best pieces of advice I got on here was to plan your trip before you got on the bike and think about alternate routes that may offer you advantages.

    As an example I live in Nunawading and work in Hawthorn so quickest way would be the Eastern, but as I new rider I did not want to take that on as I was first learning so I choose to use Canterbury Road instead.

    Enjoy the bike and welcome to NR.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Ramp to get on the footpath but if the gutter isn't too high and it's the quicker option I'll usually ride off it when leaving. Haven't had too much luck mounting gutters in the past...
  6. Thank you all for the feedback, much appreciated. I'll definitely be checking out the saturday learners meets. sounds like fun.
  7. Definitely use the cross overs - if nothing else it's good habit - when you get a bigger heavier bike punching over the kerb is not nice.

    If the gutters are the rounded kind then I say fair game.

    And yes, if they're not too high then you can safely roll off them - just don't touch either brake in the process.
  8. I sense great kerbophobia in this thread. :-k
  9. Gutters are no problem on a dirt bike. Some road bikes have pretty good ground clearance and some don't. Some touch down pretty harmless parts and some don't. I was a bit horrified to discover the ZX14 generally touches down its sump plug, and I understand from the US guys who drag race them, you don't have to smack it down very hard to break the sump. And best of all, it's really low. Speed bumps with pillion - creep over them and put your foot down on the top so the rider's weight comes off the bike. My air cooled 1980s Suzukis and stuff, I'd ride up and down 45 deg gutters and lower 90 deg gutters without a second thought. If anything did touch down, it was the collector box, which was harmless enough.

    The man sometimes gets a bit shirty about you riding along a footpath. Just saying.
  10. says:
    Does anyone do this? Do you have the engine on or off?

    I ask because my bike weighs about 200kg and I weigh about 55-60kg, so I feel much more stable when sitting astride the bike. I'd struggle to keep it upright if trying to walk alongside and push it on sloping or uneven ground.

    Yeah, I am a skinny bloke. But it has power-to-weight benefits :D
  11. I read that too....................](*,)

    No freaking way I am walking my bike anywhere near the public
  12. I weight the same. My bike weighs around 190kg. Pushing it is fine. I can't push it up a big hill, but pushing it around on a footpath or something should be easy, basic stuff.
  13. Level and smooth, no problem. Up and down kerbs, I'm not so confident about finding myself on the "wrong" side if the bike unbalances and being unable to stop the bike dropping away from my body. I've never actually tried it, to be honest.

    Does anyone do this?
    Does everyone do this?
    (ie dismount and push the bike up onto and down off the kerb, like it says in the guidelines)
  14. Ah, I don't push it up kerbs either. I ride it up kerbs.

    Pushing or riding it off a kerb is easy enough though, and you can control it with the front brake so you can bring it down gently etc.
  15. Ramp is the best way, but if absolutely neccessary you can mount the kerb.

    If you need to mount the kerb, get the front tyre up against it at a complete stop with your feet on the ground. Try not to lean on the bars (keep your weight off the front wheel), and slowly apply power until the front wheel rolls up. Do not let the rear wheel spin.

    Do not ride at the kerb and think brave thoughts - you will just dint the rim.
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  16. In Vic you can park on the footpath as you have noted, but you can't park near walls.. or in places where your bike blocks cars or pedestrians.

    I go the ramps or whatever rather than mounting gutters.. when leaving i don't mind going over the gutters, as for angle parking etc.. back wheel against the kerb is correct.. especially if there's a bit of an incline.. reversing out of the park up a hill is really not my idea of fun.

    As for walking your bike on the footpath.. i've never done it.. i've never seen anybody do it either.. f'uck that.
  17. have parked in CBD, have tried the 'mount the gutter' approach and dropped my previous bike, ramps on, gutter off! Peds will bump and knock your bike all day long!!
    Be mindful for the blind and disabled when and where you park!
  18. Did it loads when I was couriering... Just drive up to the gutter, stop, put both feet down, then feed the clutch in into you feel the front wheel lifting up... hold it there and let it go up and let your feet travel with the bike - same thing for the rear. Easy..

    Coming down, stay away from the brakes and keep it 100% straight. Be careful if you've got a relatively low bike or a belly fairing - it can sometimes scrape or if you're unlucky, maybe crack it.
  19. I don't understand. You're the second person to say stay away from the brakes. If your front wheel is perpendicular to the kerb what is wrong with using the front brake to control the drop off the kerb? It can help avoid the whole scraping thing too.:-s