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how to own your lane and be seen

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MT1, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. how to : own your lane and be seen 'or' how to perform effective SMIDSY mannouvering

    (when in Korea)

  2. Might try this out next time i'm on a group ride, good tactics keeping your mates safe.

    Guy on the yellow bike is thinking of safety with his strobe light on good to see.
  3. I spent five days and nights in Korea a few years back and in the whole time I was there I saw just two motorcycles, and they were mopeds......
  4. What the fuck are they doing?
    interesting approach to .. riding.. not in a straight line.
  5. looks like an epileptic fit on a bike.
  6. That's because they all own Hyos and are waiting for spares :D.
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  7. wickkid man, pat :LOL:
  8. That look like me going for my L.
  9. Hmm, for Korea the driver sounds American and the GPS (or was that a passenger?) is decidedly Japanese!
    I didn't think either nationality was that popular there...
  10. ...who would be at fault if they get run over?
  11. Kiddies ... don't try this at home. Seriously - from a bloke who's been doing crazy suicidal stuff on a bike for 40 years, this is ... kinda lame and embarrassing.
  12. They give the word "spastic" a whole new meaning.
    Seriously though. I'd rather be seen in skirt and stilettos, on a scooter, toting a tiny little purse...

    Edit: Wait... They must've been trying to do the Egyptian dance with their bikes! Video is so full of win! [/sarcasm]