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How to order parts for Laro motorcycles

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Phil 85, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I recently brought a 2011 Laro prostreet 350 and am having issues with the gearbox.
    Iv been told it will be cheeper to order a new motor from Laro Australia but I cant get hold of the guy that runs it...Iv emailed the sales email address and called the number in the yellow pages...does anyone know the guy that runs it or deals with Laro that could put me in contact with the guy? It's very strange he just hasn't replyed in 5 weeks...I just want to get a new motor and get my bike on the road again
  2. Try ebay, you never know what you'll find on there.
    maybe try a laro dealer, I'm sure there are some around.
  3. Phil 85Phil 85 I would start with one of these dealers;

    West Coast Mini Moto
    1/85 Dixon Road
    Rockingham, WA 6168
    Phone: 08 9592 2203

    Scooters & Buggies Palmyra
    323 Canning Hwy
    Palmyra, WA 6157
    Phone: 08 9339 5565

    Scooters & Buggies
    7/9 Inspiration Drive
    Wangara, WA 6065
    Phone: 08 9302 2922

  4. I had no trouble getting gearbox parts from them a year ago on the sales email address although it took them a week or so to respond initially as they said that they were away at the time. I did consistantly have difificulty getting an answer on the phone from them and only ever got through occassionly in many attempts. I am sickened to hear that its been 5 weeks. This is not good to hear.