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How to oil cables??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sunite, May 21, 2005.

  1. well how do u do it and what sort of oil do u put to it??

  2. The easiest way is a $20 cable-oiler (just about any bike-shop has them)
    and a bottle of MAXIMA Chain Guard (chain lube, clear/ synthetic).
    Disconnect cables at the handlebar end, attach cable oiler and spray bit bt bit until the juice shows up at the other end. Wipe clean/ re-attach cable/ done.
  3. I prefer not to use pressure pak cans of lube because they tend to dry out and become gummy, increasing the drag on the inner cable.

    I firstly disconnect the top end of the cable and get a small plastic bag (something like a resealable bank change bag), I make a small hole in one corner and slide it over the end of the outer cable and tape it in place. For sure the lube mixture will break-down the tape adhesive but the cable will be well & truly lubed by then.

    Next I mix a 50/50 mix of petrol and motor oil and pour it into the plastic funnel made by the plastic bag, jiggling the inner cable up & down to help the mixture penetrate the full length of the cable, do it until the mixture drips from the other end of the cable (Wipe up the mess later).

    The oil being diluted with petrol helps the mixture penetrate the cable, once the petrol evaporates it leaves the oily film to protect & lubricate.

  4. Do they still make bikes with cables???? :p:p:p:p
  5. I
    The reason for the Maxima chain lube (btw, not a great lube for chains) It doesn't gum up with time. One tip from the MX scene.

    AFAIK, petrol destroys the chemical "linking" of the oil-molecules and therefore it's lubricating properties. Engine oils and WD40 rather than petrol....
  6. Works best for me :wink:
  7. how the hell do you make he bike go faster? I assume you don't have hydraulic throttle control? Is it something to do with the tin-foil hat you're wearing? :)
  8. Make up a chewing gum funnel at the top end, then drop by drop add med. weight motor oil. Use synthetic, it'll make the bike go faster ;-}