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How to Oil a clutch cable?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. as the subject says, I'd like to know how to oil my clutch cable as it's feeling a bit dry. Any particular oil to use? best method so as not to spill oil everywhere? how much oil?
    Thanks all!

  2. First you need to check if your clutch cable is teflon lined, if it is then it's of little use oiling it (if it's sticky the teflons worn).

    If it's an non teflon sheathed one then you can buy little cable oilers from many shops which make the job easier.

    Failing that you can tie a plastic cone shape or just tape a small plastic bag to the top of the cable and hang the bag from a garage upright.

    I tend to use light machine oil (you can get cable oiling oil in a few places), and when it just starts to drip out the bottom I stop.
  3. clutch cables?

    So yesterday :)
  4. very helpful Vic... ](*,)
    funny sod.

    thanks ZRX :)
    I might just take it to the mechanics with a six-pack of beer
  5. plasticine is your freind
  6. Buy a cable oiler and a pressure pack of cable lube and go mad, they work a treat.

  7. If it's not teflon lined, you can use a bit of mountain bike chain lube (try to use teflon based ones). I had a teflon based lube you could use on cables, hinges and it dried without going tacky and made cable operation real smooth.