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How to nod?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Deadsy, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Move head in vertical motion (upwards)

  2. Move head in vertical motion (downwards)

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  3. Tilt head sideways (right)

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  4. Tilt head sideways (left)

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  5. Hold out arm and extend middle finger

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  6. Too busy concentrating on bike control and road (sorry for not nodding)

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  1. This is one for the more experienced riders here please.
    Sometimes when I nod to other riders they don't nod back. In fact on some days 99.9% of riders don't seem to acknowledge me. I was tossing and turning trying to get to sleep the other night because of something that happened earlier that day. It's that bad.

    Picture this, you're riding along and see that telltale sign of an oncoming bike, you know single headlight and all. But sometimes even that can be misleading since there are tool cagers that drive around with one headlight out, but anyway that's one for another thread.

    Anyway so you're passing this bike and you nod and the rider never even turns his head towards you. Not even slightly. And then the scooter you pass down the road nods. A fellow motorcyclist keeps staring ahead but some guy on a scooter gives a big cheesey nod. I really don't understand.

    So this has me thinking I may be doing it all wrong. This is how I go about "the nod" atm, and I'd like some advice please.
    When the oncoming bike is a short distance away I turn my head towards the rider and move it in a downward motion while tilting it forwards before returning it to level. Sometimes I do another quick nod right when we pass each other just in case they missed the first one.

    Am I doing something wrong? Should I alter my technique in anyway? I've been experimenting with different nods recently but I haven't tried them for long enough to really see how the results differ.
    Sometimes I will nod by quickly tilting my head to the right and slightly downwards while looking towards the rider. I once passed a guy on a Ducati and he nodded in a similar way but I've never been able to imitate that kind of nod in exactly the same way.

    Also I've noticed, and this is really rare but it did happen once on Putty road quite recently, some riders lift their hand up when passing you? I mean I guess they're waving, kind of like a "hello" or "hey fellow two wheeled traveller" but I just thought it was a little dangerous. It's not exactly suicidal, just the clutch hand and only up to about shoulder height/level but I don't know. Maybe something to think about later on in my riding career.

    Well that's about it. What am I doing wrong (if anything)??

  2. dare i type something?


  3. i chase it with a smile too.
    i get some funny reactions from the smile..i dont think it is expected

  4. dude, get rid of those man cans.
  5. Sorry guys, I guess my sense of humour is just... different?

  6. Of course the scooter rider nodded. Scooter riders are wonderful, friendly people. It's a condition of purchase! \:D/
  7. Those of you that replied without :shock: ruined this thread.

    Fun over :(