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How to merge the Australian way

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ._., Sep 1, 2010.

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    Riding to work a few weeks back. Doing my thing when some little middle aged lady tries to merge on top of me. You can't see it in the video, but she was looking dead ahead and didn't even notice me half a meter away from her.

    The crazy head wobble is me placing my boot out to try and "block" the car from hitting me. I think "sticking" my boot out a few times got her attention in the end.

    And they try to tell us that speed kills...
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  2. Lol WTF. Glad you're okay to share the story. I'm thinking more and more of getting one of those stebel nautilus horns.
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  3. How did she not see you!! Unbelievable..!
  4. In that circumstance, tell me a louder pipe wouldn't help with these typical people driving with blinkers on....](*,)
  5. Loud pipes definitely will help. Ever since upgrading my exhaust cars hear me way in advance and look to see where the noise comes from and makes them see me. Best safety enhancement I have made to my bike.
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  7. The funniest part is the lady was actually asian haha
  8. I had that happen to me in Melbourne on the way home from work, with almost a mirror-image situation in every way.

    On mah lil' VTR250 with a fruity straight-through megacycle muffler, in the left hand lane. Younger chap in the middle lane beside me in a hatchback starts changing lanes into my lane slowly. I apply horn. Younger chap glances to his right, looks in right mirror, looks over right shoulder, looks in centre rear view mirror, right mirror again, as he continues to slide across into my lane. :|

    Decided that day that evasive braking (usually) or acceleration (sometimes) comes first, irate beeping comes second. :p

    Edit: Actually, I thought this thread would have been a rant about drivers crawling up 110kph freeway onramps at 50-60kph and then wondering why there's a 17 car pileup behind them as they try to merge. Or shitting themselves and going even slower ('because it's safer') up the onramp next time. Or people stopping on onramps completely, I like those ones... Thank gawd for litrebikes.
  9. Dude that stuff happens every day. No point raging about it, what were you doing sitting in traffic anyway?
  10. +1

    but you probably could of owned you lane better too, ie imo you were sitting to far across to the r/h side of the lane, for me i would of been just to the right of the white line (basically within arms reach of the car).....i do believe it makes you more visible
  11. I wasn't sitting in traffic. The road in that area gets too narrow to safely filter between cars that change lanes a lot (and I would never post video of me doing that anyways - not that I do :angel:). Not to mention 10 meters down was the start of the right hand turn lane that I use to get onto the freeway. Splitting lanes to cut a car off so I can get into the turning lane is worse than what this lady did to me, not to mention far more dangerous.

    The camera is in the right side of my helmet and points ever so slightly to the left so it it looks like I was in the right hand side of the lane when I was actually in the middle. I avoid the left hand side of the lane on that part of the road because all the trucks that turn onto the road from the freeway offramp have left a lot of crazy bumps and grooves in the road that tend to force the bike in weird directions. I also don't think it would have helped anyway because she clearly came from behind me and STILL didn't see me. Had I been in the left of the lane I would more than likely have ended up being hit.

    And just because it happens every day doesn't put me in the wrong. She was the one merging into me, regardless of whether or not I was sitting in traffic, the video is to highlight the fact that this shit does happen and it's not all just exaggerated talk on forums that most drivers and politicians probably think is bullshit.
  12. Yes, it's not your fault that oblivious drivers are out on the road. The tough love approach on NR is just others trying to give hints about what you could be doing differently.

    I agree. Be seen by being a big object in their side revision mirror rather than hidden in their blind spot.
  13. Totally oblivious. What shits me the most are people entering the freeways in Melb whilst doing 70-80. They need to be doing somewhere between 95-105 to not stuff up the flow.
  14. Is this really a good idea? For one, I thought survival space - ie maximising the space between you and other cars - would take precedence when riding in traffic like this. If the car driver hasn't seen him despite the fact that he is right next to the driver's window, then there's probably not much point in trying to be more visible. The driver didn't look at all. Furthermore, if he had been riding within arms reach of the car and it tried to change lanes, it would have hit him for sure. The car is already an arms length inside his lane before he has time to hit the horn. The reason he got out of it was that there was enough space for him to percieve and counteract the threat before it hit him.

    Is it ever a good idea to ride within arms reach of another vehicle if you or it are travelling at a significant speed?

    While riding closer to the car MAY have avoided the situation to begin with, I think the overall risk would have been much higher.

    I'm a new rider.

    He's not in the driver's blind spot. He's in line with the driver's window. Plus, given that the traffic in the left lane was traveling faster than him, the car had just come from behind him, meaning that for the most part he was in front and to the right of the vehicle. So, in any case, he certainly wasn't going to be seen in the car's side mirror. I don't think there was anything wrong with his lane placement, though I probably would have been in the right-hand tire track.
  15. this happened to me just last week, only problem was it was a semi trailer not a small 4 cylinder, Was rather nerve racking as it was through roadworks so had the concrete barriers lining the side leaving no room to move. Lucky the Blade has plenty of power I was able to drop it down a few and just accelerate in front of him
  16. Not only did she obviously not see you, she tried to merge over what looked like an unbroken white line as well. There is no excuse for what she did. I'll bet that line is unbroken there for a reason.
  17. Hey hey, Racecourse rd, my old stomping ground. That piece of road really is atrocious, i almost feel safer when the traffic is gridlocked all the way to flem rd, filtering > splitting, not that you were splitting.
    Scariest thing happened to me there not long ago, coming the opposite way down the hill home from uni on a wet day, rolling down to the red light at the bottom. A semi 2 cars up had been trying to rush the light to make it onto the onramp and had to slam on the brakes to avoid a pedestrian (who did have a green man). His trailer jackknifed across the other lane and thoroughly bumped the car sitting there, suffice to say i'm glad it didn't bump me...
    Good to hear you made it out.
  18. kept the relevant bits in your post.
    Owning the lane makes you visible.
    Middle of the outside lane is a non no you must stay in the left wheel track.
  19. Yikes...

    Why can't a guy doing the same thing be caught on cam once! I'm sure it's not just the females that do it...
  20. I thought it was best to be over on the right. Space being your friend etc.?