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How to Maximise Bike Security on Street?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by woodx3, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. XENA 120db disc lock with alarm

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  2. KOVIX 120 db disck lock with alarm

    1 vote(s)
  3. chain bike to a street lamp or post

    4 vote(s)
  4. two disc locks on both discs

    2 vote(s)
  5. park in front of police station

    2 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey guys, I am getting a second hand ninja 250R soon and am worried about it being stolen already :p
    I live in a student accommodation without a car park so I have to park my bike on the street. I do live 5 minutes away from a police station but I just want to be safe.

    I am thinking of using a disc lock with an alarm ( XENA or KOVIX 120 db lock) . Would that be enough ?
    To protect the bike from wind and rain, Im also going to buy a bike cover.

    I've heard about several methods to protect my bike, which ones do you think is effective? Please feel free to vote :)
    What else can I do to minimize the risk of losing my bike?
    Thanks a lot for your help guys, really appreciate it !!! :)

  2. Insure it for twice what u paid for it and sleep easy my friend
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  3. Don't park it in the street. Door knock your road and see if anyone has space you could use/rent, try make an alternate plan if possible. Otherwise I'd be going with alarmed disc lock plus a thick chain onto a pole or something so they can't just pick the bike up and chuck it into the back of a ute and be off before you even get to the front door.
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  4. Nothing is theft-proof mate. All you can do is try to deter the scumbags!
    If you have no choice then insure it, a few different disc locks, and a cover...or whatever. Thieves are typically lazy and will take the easiest route, so at least make it difficult.
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  5. Mate even a disc lock through every hole on your disc doesn't make it any harder for someone to pick your bike up and put it in their van... They might be inconvenienced by not being able to roll it, but if they want that bike, theyll get that bike. Just make sure you're insured, that's what it's for. A chain to a pole is a good idea, because it puts an obvious step between me parking next to your bike and me putting your bike in my van, but again, it's just one more thing to angle grind through. The toughest shit you can buy will be in two pieces inside ten seconds with an 18 volt Milwaukee "master key". Don't panic, pay your insurance and be done with it. More deterrents is better, but I'd lose sleep if I spent all my time worrying my bikes would get stolen...
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  6. Im parked in the street and even after I pay excess, I will be ahead in money.

    My theory on securing my bike is enough to deter random joy riders but not enough to deter a real hardcore theif. Reason being I would rather have my bike stolen never to be seen again than semi destroyed by trying to steal it and failing then have it repaired.
  7. North Melbourne has had 16 motorcycles pinched this year so it does make it a bit of a hot spot for theft. I would take chillibuttonchillibutton 's advice and door knock to see if you can find secure parking in someone's yard or garage. Definitely insure it, it may seem like an expense that you can not afford, I well remember a student's budget, but it will give some peace of mind about its theft and also cover you should you hit another vehicle. If you are uninsured many riders will not want you on a group ride in case you make a mistake and bring them down as well. Your insurance costs will be less if you can find a place to garage it as well.
  8. Try find yourself a unit/accommodation on the ground floor then park your bike inside :p

    Like this....


    Just don't do this! :p


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  9. I read online that if you only have 1 disk break lock placing it on the frony wheel doesnt do anything becaue the just replace the front wheel with another tyre, place it on the rear wheel. Becasue its a lot harder to replace the rear wheel that the front.. park my bike at train station parking.... 6months so far and not a problem
  10. How to maximise bike security? Find the local bike thieves. Cut 'em up real bad, hang them up and blood them like fkking carp! But let one get away to spread the word of what will happen.

    ... or, you know, locks chains and alarms ... stuff that won't get you 25 to life in super-max. Your choice.
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  11. But then isn't it 'easier' to lift the back end up & 'steer' it onto the back of a ute?
  12. Kill 2 birds with one stone :p

    Alarmed disk lock on front wheel with reminder, chunky chain through back wheel/frame to something solid, pageback alarm if your handy with the wiring and keep it dirty.
    The reality is a determined thief will still anything no mater how many chains you have, being a 250 it won't be as much of a target as R1 or gsx750r
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  13. I think, like a couple of people have suggested, try and find an alternative to leaving it on the street. Of course, insurance goes a long way towards peace of mind. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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  14. There was a long thread on another site that I just can't find at the moment, it was by a reformed bike thief (actually more retired than reformed), and his life of stealing and selling bikes. Those that responded to his thread usually fell into one of two categories, the group who congratulated him for being brave/strong enough to get out of his life of crime, and those who wanted to string him up by his b*lls and gut him like a feral pig. Probably the same groups consisted of those who have had their bike stolen and those who hadn't.

    Anyway, he did give out a lot of information about how and what bikes are targeted. Some interesting points were that bikes being loaded on trucks or into vans is usually done by amateurs and very rarely done by professions. A profession can get past any alarm, lock, chain, etc. They even come equipped with spare ECU's to bypass factory security systems, know where and how immobilisers are wired, and will ride off on your bike in a surprisingly short time. His views on putting bikes into vans/trucks is that it is one of the fastest ways to get caught (acceleration and handling of a 2 tonne van verses police cars) as well as adding more serious charges if you get caught. He also mentioned secure parking garages under apartments are one of the best sources of high end bikes, never rely on the location alone to stop a thief.

    Sadly he concluded that if you own a bike that a determined thief wants, it will be stolen.
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  15. This article? Ask a motorcycle thief | RideApart
  16. Yep - the original Reddit thread was the article I saw, but this sums it up very well, it should be a must read if you are at all interested in protecting your bike.

    The original posts goes into a little more of why he stole and how he got deep into the hot parts/bike business and in fact how big this business is, I think it was Chicago or somewhere in that part of the States but I got the impression it could be anywhere downtown USA and unfortunately that also equates to over here as well.
  17. Buy a big dog and chain it to the bike?
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  18. Thanks everyone! Sadly its expensive to rent a garage or parking space in places near my home. But I have a alarmed disc lock and a cover now , and will definitely get theft insurace . I agree if a determined theif wants my bike it will get stolen anyway.
  19. That works as well....

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